Why should course creators start selling their courses on Plantoost?

Don’t know which education website to start selling your courses? Maybe its time to consider Plantoost. Plantoost is an online teaching learning platform that provides anyone wishing to sell a course or workshop online to make money doing what they love.

Plantoost makes it very easy to create classes, which is a huge advantage for instructors without a lot of time on their hands. The classes can also be created in the form of a workshop or course.

This is definitely a website that is geared towards individual instructors and teachers rather than towards institutions like universities etc. The company also offers a lot of flexibility for teachers and instructors; however, it’s not nearly as targeted towards big organizations as it is for individuals.

Plantoost seems to welcome instructors who specialize in topics like technology, arts, business and development, cinematography, photography, motion graphics, graphic design and the sciences. It is a global platform that allows anyone in the world to be your student. Instructors at Plantoost are also able to earn a big share of the overall profit, given the company’s mission of serving instructors just as well as they do students.

Generally, you will be able to find many instructors on this platform that focus on interactive teaching-learning. Anyone can upload a standardized course on this platform and share their knowledge.

You can offer your classes for free or charge a one-time fee for customers and make at least 95% whether or not they promote it for you. The website design is very interactive, straightforward and so well developed that instructors can easily add videos, articles with ease while students can switch between classes and download class content with ease.

How to be an Instructor at Plantoost:

If you are ready to share your skills with other learners and want to keep most of your earnings (sorry Udemy) then Plantoost is the best platform for you. You have to follow this three step process to become an instructor with Plantoost:

1. First of all you need to develop content for your very first class. The platform itself provides easy to use class creation tools that makes your overall experience a breeze.

2. Once your content is ready, you need to submit it for review and wait for 3-5 business days (it usually takes shorter than that).

3. Once approved, sit back, relax, and do your thing as an instructor.


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