New Sony Patent Makes PlayStation Fans Crazy With PS5 Speculation

The new Sony patent is currently the reason why most of the PlayStation fans are going totally crazy with the PlayStation 5 speculation. 

Recently, the Sony Interactive Entertainment company that is trademarked as “Soho Engine” happens to be in Europe. There are so many fans and uses who have been wondering about what it actually means.

It is indeed the question that has been the only reason why most of the PlayStation fans are going crazy. Some fans as well as PS5 players have been suggesting that it can be related to PS3, PS2, and PS1 backward compatibility.

While some of the other players have been giving it a thought that it will all be something related to shuttered Team Soho. 

You must know that the peculiar name of the trademark will possibly have several interesting implications. Also, one of the most immediate implications that players think will have to do something with Team Soho.

You need to know that it is a Sony developer in London that you must know is been dissolved. But it is sure that they have been notably creating it in The Getaway series.

As you all know, the one thing that most players have been thinking it is an interesting observation as they know in August that Sony will be able to revive the forgotten PlayStation 2 franchise. 

There are definitely some other players who have been pointing out that there will be a new VR engine from Sie London Studio. But it rather seems more unlikely for Sony to give green light to the creation of the engine.

So that the players can be able to enjoy even more when they are playing their favorite games on the PlayStation gaming console. Currently, there is a number of fans who are going crazy over the new Sony patent with PlayStation 5 speculation. 


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