New Pokemon Journeys Title Teases Revival of Legendary Pokemon “Mewtwo”

One thing that you may or may not have heard of is Pokemon Journeys is currently all booked up on a schedule for the next few weeks along with a new arc. But it is surely not possible for the series to take a long time before it will move back to the Pokemon Sword and Shield story.

There are so many fans who are currently looking forward while wondering about what the anime show will be bringing to them in near future.

To the amazing storyline of Pokemon Journeys, it will be possible for the viewers and fans to see the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo’s revival in the series. All thanks to the new episode title of Pokemon Journeys, fans now know that the legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo is all set for its return to the series.

Every fan is hoping that at least someone will have the chance to catch the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo when everything will fall into the right place. When there are some new Pokemon episode titles that did surface for the new series and that is when the tease came into existence. 

Some social media news and rumors begin when users such as the Defender did manage to share the translated version of the title in the hope that other fans will be able to understand it.

From what it seems like, it will be possible for viewers and fans to enjoy seeing Mewtwo in the 46th episode of Pokemon Journeys. You should know that the translated title of Episode 42 is “Battling and Getting! The Revival of Mewtwo”.

As of now, there is no synopsis that you can find on the internet for the upcoming episode of the new Pokemon Journeys series. It will indeed bring so many moments of excitement and thrill to the valuable fans and viewers. 


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