The Last Of Us Remastered – New Patch Leads To A Huge Improvement

It will surely be an interesting piece of news for all the fans and gamers to know about the major updates of The Last Of Us Remastered. You need to know that the latest patch for The Last of Us Remastered game did manage to release on what you can call a little bit of fanfare that did take place for PlayStation 4.

But from what it may seem like, you can bet that the new patch will indeed be going to lead the game to a huge and incredible improvement that will try to change the overall gaming experience for all the players.

So you need to keep in mind that there will be some unexpected improvement that is going to come in the next update of The Last of Us game.

Recently, all the players may know about patch 1.11 which did release this week. It seems like the new patch will be going to enhance the loading time that the popular game, The Last of Us takes.

You may know that earlier the game was able to take about a minute of time to load but now, it will only take around 14 seconds to load completely. Well, it is surely not the same process as it will add a weapon sometime while you will get a quality update for the game.

There are many trying to speedrun the game but Anthony Calabrese did manage to notice something amazing while he was speedrunning The Last of Us game.

It is sure that the loading time of the game has been reduced significantly. So it will greatly affect speedrunning the game title. When PlayStation 5 will release, the game seems to be run even smoother and the players can play it with an amazing and exciting feeling.


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