New Borderlands 3 Skill Trees Revealed

There are so many fans and gamers who have been eagerly waiting to get any kind of updates on one of the most exciting and amazing games, Borderlands 3.

You must know that as a part of Borderland 3’s Designer Cut, 2K did manage to reveal that there will be new Skill Trees for at least four of the games.

Those games for which the Skill Trees of Borderlands 3 was revealed are Vault Hunters: Moze, Zane, Amara, and FL4K. 

It will be possible for each and every character to receive a new action skill from the Skill Trees. Those new skills will be added to the customizations that are already available for the players in the Borderlands 3 game.

Now, all the players of the game will have the option to purchase the Designer’s Cut. If you are a Borderlands 3 player then you can either purchase it individually or you can have the option to get it with a Season 2 pass that also includes the Director’s Cut along with Designer’s Cut.

You must know that the Designer’s Cut is all set to launch on 10th November. It is the same date when the next-gen update of the Borderlands 3 game will be releasing on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. 

With Moze’s new Skill Tree, it will be possible for the player to get the Mother Bear Action Skill.

The Iron Bear mech that is currently available for the players will be more likely to replace with a smaller Iron Cub mech and that will definitely attack the nearby enemies along with the character. Zane’s Skill Tree provides the players with MNTIS Shoulder Cannon Action Skill.

While the players will get the Phasefire Action Skill from Amara’s Skill Tree. FLK4 makes sure to give the players Gravity Snare Action Skill. It will indeed be an amazing and exciting experience with all the new Skill Trees.


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