Tomb Raider 2 Release Date Delayed Indefinitely

All the Tomb Raider fans as well as critiques who have been eagerly waiting for the release date of the movie sequel. It looks like Tomb Raider 2 will not be able to swing by theatres any sooner. 

Recently on Tuesday, MGM did announce that the release date of the Tomb Raider sequel is changing due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The announcement also reveals the news that the new Tomb Raider 2 which did confirm to release on 19th March 2021 will now be delayed. Yes, Tomb Raider 2 release dates will be changed indefinitely.

Also, you must know that the studio has delayed its Aretha Franklin biopic Respect which was earlier scheduled to premiere on 15 January 2021 but it is now scheduled to release on 13 August 2021. 

There is a lot of things that we all do not know about the Tomb Raider sequel. But the only thing that we know about it is that the movie will be featuring the return of Alicia Vikander who as you all know as Laura Croft.

Ben Wheatley who did direct Netflix’s recent adaptation of Rebecca will direct the upcoming part, Tomb Raider 2.

In a recent interview, Vikander informs us about the movie sequel saying, “The plan was for us to start making one this year, of course, due to the [pandemic] situation, that’s now very different,” She continues, “We’re still in discussions about it, so I hope we can probably get to it next year.”

When Alicia Vikander did play the character previously, her thoughts were, “I think it’s a wonderful character that has been with us for like 22 years.

” Vikander adds, “She’s become a great role model and I love the fact that she’s been able to take such a big place as a female character in the gaming world and in cinema.

I think there’s definitely room for this character to evolve, and it felt like it came out in ’96, and I think it reflects a strong woman with the same kind of essence still as a smart, very curious, feisty, vulnerable woman.

It’s almost like she has changed due to how society has changed, she has become more a woman of now, of the time.”


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