Motorola Silently Removes All References to Moto G4’s Oreo Update

Amazon landing page poster
First poster with Android O update promise
  • Motorola silently removes all references to Oreo update of Moto G4;
  • The company had also excluded Moto G4 from its Oreo update list;
  • Now after this silent removal, there’s little-to-no chance of Moto G4 owners receiving Oreo update.

Well, this is something totally deceptive. Motorola first promised its Moto G4 buyers that they’ll receive Android N and O updates, and now when it’s time to push out the Oreo update the company has silently turned a blind eye to that. Not only it kept G4 out of its Oreo update list released a few days ago, now silently it has also removed all the references to that Android O update from its website and Amazon page of the phone. In simple words, they’re making it look as if they didn’t ever promise anything. Little do they know that internet doesn’t forget anything.

Here’re the proofs of company promising the Android O update for Moto G4 and G4 Plus smartphones:

Proof #1: The Promotional Poster on Amazon Landing Page

Amazon landing page poster
First poster with Android O update promise
Amazon landing page poster 2
Updated poster with no mention of Android O update

The first proof is this promotional poster which was posted by Motorola on Amazon landing page of Moto G4. Earlier this poster used to talk about Android N and O update for Moto G4, but now the “O” part has been silently removed from there.

Proof #2: Promotional Video

YouTube also has a video of Moto G4’s Amazon listing. If you pause this video on 1:02, you can clearly see the mention of Android O update in the end of Amazon listing page being shown inside the video.

But now when you visit the Amazon India landing page of device, you won’t find any mention of Android O update for Moto G4.

Besides that, the worst thing is that even the employees of company don’t seem to be on the same page regarding Oreo update of Moto G4. When Motorola India was questioned about it on Twitter by some users, the company’s Twitter handle replied that G4 will receive the Oreo update. However, that tweet was deleted shortly.


So now we can’t be certain about the updates of even those devices for which Motorola promises a particular update. It seems that after Lenovo’s acquisition priorities of Motorola have changed. Not a good thing, Lenovo. By turning a blind eye to your promises in such deceptive ways you will destroy a brand that you could use to make some serious amount of money.


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