Apple iPhone X Pros and Cons: To Buy or Not to Buy?

So the wait is over and iPhone X has finally been launched, as we told you yesterday. But now after its launch we’re stuck in an even bigger conundrum – to buy it, or not to buy it? That’s the question. And that question has come to life mainly because of the price that Apple is charging for it.

Apple Iphone X Pros Cons
Apple Iphone X Pros Cons

When we buy a new phone at that price, we want to ensure that its cost is totally justified. So here I’m gonna take you through all the pros and cons of Apple iPhone X so you can take an educated purchase decision. Let’s begin:

Apple iPhone X Pros

#1. Premium looks and build

Being Apple’s flagship iPhone for this year, Apple iPhone X is every bit as gorgeous and nicely built as it should be. It has got a stainless steel frame joining the glass front and back, and it’s also dust, splash and water resistant.

Since its front and back both are made entirely of glass, it looks gorgeous when being used and also when not being used.

#2. New powerful processor

A new iPhone almost always comes with a new chip, and this one is no different. Apple iPhone X is powered by Apple’s latest A11 Bionic chip, which is a six core chip with a neural engine.

Apple says that this chip is capable of performing up to 600 billion operations per second. In short, Snapdragon 845 has got some serious competition even before its existence!

#3. Face ID

With iPhone X Apple is also launching a new experiment – the experiment of unlocking your smartphone merely with a glance. Face ID, the face recognition technology included in iPhone X, can record the geometry of your face by collecting more than 30,000 different data points and then use that geometry to securely unlock your iPhone every time.

And that thing has become possible because of a new True Depth front facing camera and more powerful A11 Bionic chip loaded inside.

#4. Support for wireless and fast charging

Last, but certainly not the least, this is Apple’s first iPhone with support for wireless charging and fast charging. Apple iPhone X can be charge up to 50% within 30 minutes, and since it supports Qi wireless charging standard you can charge it on all those wireless charging pads of hotels, airports and other public places.

Apple iPhone X Cons

#1. Display could’ve been brighter

While Apple has loaded its brightest display till date in iPhone X, it’s worth pointing out that Samsung Galaxy S8 has an even brighter one.

According to Apple’s specs sheet the display of iPhone X maxes out at 625 nits, while Galaxy S8 maxes out at almost double of that: 1,240 nits! So Apple, there’s some room for improvement here.

#2. Cameras are good, but same as iPhone 7 Plus

Second slight disappointment is in camera department. While Apple has improved the 12mp cameras included in this device by arranging them vertically and including optical image stabilization in both lenses, it would’ve been much better if Apple would also have increased the megapixels. Basically it’s the same camera as the one included in iPhone 7 Plus, but with some adjustments for even better photography.

#3. Missing Touch ID

Face ID is good, but still largely untested in the real world. It would not have been used as a replacement for Touch ID, since we also authenticate payments with these mechanisms. Anyways, now when all is said and done, this Face ID should work reliably to authenticate all sort of things that are associated with it.

#4. Hefty price tag

Finally, iPhone X costs a lot. Literally a lot. The 64GB version of device has been priced at $999 in United States and ₹89,000 in India. And then there’s the 256GB version, which costs $1,149 in US and ₹102,000 in India.

With that kind of pricing it’s already out of reach for most smartphone buyers. And while that thing has always been true for all Apple products, iPhone X is taking it to the next level.


Overall it’s Apple’s best iPhone yet, and also the costliest iPhone yet. With its gorgeous looks and supremely powerful A11 Bionic Chip perhaps this pricing is also justified to some extent. However, it remains to be seen how effective its new Face ID feature is.

Because if that is not reliable, not many people will want just a good looking iPhone for that hefty price tag. So we should wait and watch for a while how this 10th anniversary iPhone works in the real world before buying it.