Metroid Prime 4 Update Hints At Nintendo’s Switch Game Plans

The all-new and the latest update for Metroid Prime 4 seems like it is hinting at Nintendo’s strategic plans for the Nintendo Switch game.

It will include the update making it a more cinematic and emotional experience than previous entries which fans can see in the beloved and nostalgic series. 

You will be happy to know if there is only one thing that the Metroid Prime 4 series then you will notice that the series is less of a cinematic or ambitious in the storytelling part.

We are not saying that there is no story that you should look forward to in the game or the stories are not loveable. But the story has never been the main focus of the series and even now, it may not be the main focus. 

At least, we now know that Nintendo and Retro Studios will not be totally back seating the game. As you all know, Retro Studios is hiring now for a storyboard artist which you should assist in the game’s development.

So in order to serve this role perfectly, the studio is currently looking for someone who can be able to work well with the cinematic lead for maintaining its important pillars. 

Furthermore, the studio is seeking some person who can have the capability to look as well as elevate the narrative by making the interesting and innovative scenes happen in the Metroid Prime 4 game series.

It may just be the flowery language that you can be able to witness with this Metroid Prime 4. You must know that these bits, in particular, will be the ones that you will look at but you do not have to associate with words like “Cinematic” and “Innovative Scenes” when we are talking about the Metroid Prime series.


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