Dropbox Makes Remote Work Permanent In “Virtual First” Shift

Dropbox Inc. did announce on Tuesday that the company will become a “Virtual First” company and it will make it possible to make remote work the primary task for the day to day work for the employees.

All the employees of the company will be happy to know that they can be able to work remotely for as much time they want to. 

The company did manage to announce through a blog post on its website, “Though we make software that helps people work from anywhere, most of our employees came to an office every day”.

It continues, “We believe the data shows the shift to remote work, though abrupt, has been successful overall.”

One thing is sure that Dropbox will be acknowledging that all the people who are doing repeated video conferences feel more overwhelming. The company did not forget to mention that the isolation from peers can be able to lead to miscommunication.

In order to help to address the matter properly, the company plans to facilitate the collaboration of the people with the real-state or other flexible spaces that are currently available in the rights of the company.

The company is surely referring to those places or locations as “Dropbox Studios” where employees will be working remotely without any issues. 

Dropbox adds, “We’ll have Studios in all locations we currently have offices—whether they’re dedicated spaces in places we currently have long-term leases and a high concentration of employees,”.

The company states while also adding that the company is all set to allow some of the employees to relocate to preferred locations as per their flexibility along with the locations where the company currently does not have its own offices. 

It added, “We expect Dropbox to become more geographically distributed over time.”


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