May 2023 Roblox Shuudan Codes

May 2023 Roblox Shuudan Codes:

The famous cartoon Blue Lock was a big influence on Roblox Shuudan. The game has all that you could want in a sports game, from playing against other people to choosing different jobs.

When you win games, you get money, which you can use to make your player fit your style. Shuudan is great if you like sports games on Roblox and cartoon games.

This game was made because of the interesting cartoon Blue Lock, so that’s reason enough to give it a try. Like other football games, Shuudan gives you a lot of ways to customize and build your player. You’ll need the game’s cash to enjoy it even more.

Who Made The Game Shuudan?

Roblox Shuudan! was a game that was made for the app by Shuudan! You will play in the globe of the famous cartoon Blue Lock in this game.

You are a football or soccer player who wants to be the best by winning games through skill and planning. Try to be the best player in the world and the best player ever.

But it might be harder to win matches at the beginning because the majority of players are already good. You can utilize the Roblox Shuudan codes to make money quickly. There aren’t many codes right now, but as the game progresses, there will be more.

Why Do We Need Code?

Shuudan codes are the fastest way to get money in-game. You can use the money you get from redeeming them to buy more emotes and tracksuits. In this way, when you score,

You’ll have an opportunity to show everybody how much you like winning. If you like football on Roblox, you’ll need codes for Football Stars 2 and Football Universe to become a winner.

List Of Codes:

Code Rewards Active/Expired
UPDATE 3 PART 1 / 3! 5k Cash Active [Latest]
GET YAKUZA BEHIND BARS! 20 Skill Points Active [Latest]
WE BACK BABY! 50 Hair/Eye Spins Active [Latest]
21K LIKES! 5 Specialities and 15 Personality Spins Active [Latest]
4 More Days! 16 Specialty Spins Active
Update 2.25 Cash! 4999 Cash Active
2.7k Followers Skin Color Reset , 5 Personality Spins, 5 Skill Points Active
1.5k Followers 3 Free Skill Points, 5 Personality Spin, 1k Cash Active
15k likes! 1 Personality Spin, 3k Cash, 1 Specialty Spin Active
800 Followers Twitter 5 Specialty Spin Active

How To Use Codes In The Game:

Follow the instructions below to get free prizes in the game when you enter codes. With this code, you will get some in-game money that you can use to buy more emotes and tracksuits. Use this prize to give your character enough power to easily beat your opponent.

  1. Launch Roblox Shuudan on your gadget.
  2. Click the button that says “Shop” on the main page.
  3. On the top left, you will find a box where you can type in the numbers.
  4. Enter any code that works and click “Finished” to get your prize.

Where Can I Find More Shuudan Codes?

Go to the developer’s YouTube page to find more codes. You may also use the game’s official Discord service to chat with teammates and find out about news and changes. If not, we will keep adding the latest codes to this wiki, so make sure you come back often.

Why Doesn’t My Code Work?

The main reason Shuudan codes don’t work is because they have passed their expiration date. Most codes only work for a certain amount of time, so make sure to use them before they no longer work.

Let us know within the comments if any of the Shuudan codes on the list are no longer valid. A type mistake is another reason why codes don’t work. You can avoid this by simply copying and pasting the codes from the list of current codes above right into the text box that says “Redeem.”

How To Begin A Roblox Shuudan Match:

When you enter into the room, it can be hard to figure out how to start the match. You need to leave the barber shop as well as go straight to the major stadium, which you can see from the road. Talk to the NPC once you get there and get in queue to begin a match.

Which Personality To Choose In Shuudan?

Personality Description
Ambition Small stat boost if the team is winning
Controversy Strange ways of passing and shooting
Pressure Good choice for defensive players as it can block shots to the goal
Sportsmanship Pass and accuracy stats are boosted
Temperament Great for a more intense defensive approach
Lone Wolf Makes it easier to play offensively
Greed You can take the ball from your players
Sore Loser Defeat will increase your stats for a limited time
Rational Thinker Boosts controls stat

How Do Shuudan Codes Work?

These codes are free gifts from the game’s creator, usually given to mark important events or new versions of the game. So far, most of the codes are able to exchanged in-game for cash.

This is what you use to improve your character’s looks and stats. On the other hand, you could use a code to reroll your character’s specialization¬† to start over.

Roblox Shuudan Is What?

The anime program Blue Lock inspired the great Roblox game Roblox Shuudan. The game gives you a great, real football experience, and you can play in different places and change the game to your liking. Shuudan is a good choice if you want to play football on Roblox.


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