How To Get Access To All Of The Broken Down Dam Lifts In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

How To Get Access To All Of The Broken Down Dam Lifts In Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was a popular video game with a lot of tools that make it easy to move from one level to the next. One of these methods is using lifts, which players can do when they hit certain places in the game and open them.

There are two lifts that players can unlock within the Derelict Dam area. This guide will explain how to unlock all of the Derelict Dam lifts.

The way the levels are set up in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor means that when you get to specific areas of the game, you can make shortcuts to get back to those places much faster. For example, you can open two lift routes in the Derelict Dam.

With Lift Its Easier To Travel Between The Different Levels:

With these lifts, it’s much easier to move between the different levels of a Jedi: Survivor stage. Still, if you open them, you might need to turn them on.

It’s not easy to find the a pair in the Derelict Dam area, but once you do, you can get to more treasures. This information tells you how to open all of the lifts within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s abandoned dams.

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there is a secret path near the lift in Derelict Dam where you may utilize your Force Lift to battle the Gorocco Matriarch.

Find out how to turn on the Derelict Dam lifts, how to operate the Derelict Dam lift as well as where you can obtain the Derelict Dam boost cannister by reading on.

Where To Find The Keys To All Abandoned Dam Lifts:

In Jedi: Survivor, you need to find two abandoned dam lifts. One is much harder to find than the other. A roller mine can help you find the first lift.

When you first get there, you have to go through the Derelict Dam and blow a hole in the entrance to the Roller Mine. After that, you can break through a big wall that was blocking your way.

This wall is afterwards to a prospector who has concerns about his friends. It is to the right of the desk in the old dam.

Stand near the opening to the Roller Mine and it will follow you to this workbench. When it comes close, pull hard on it and then push hard on the big wall that can be broken, which will smash it open.

Now that you’ve broken it open, you can proceed through this area and find a rope to climb to the highest point. If you keep going up the path, you’ll reach the top, so you can turn on the lift and call it whenever you want. This is a helpful route in Jedi: Survivor.

The second one is much harder to use. This goes to the second high spot at the Derelict Dam, where you can find some of the last items you need to find.

 Complete The Boiling Bluff Quest To Go Opposite Side:

You can only get to this place if you go to Boiling Bluff and have finished the Jedi: Survivor mission so you can use the Confuse: Large Fauna skill.

When you get here, you’ll see a big bird that you discovered during the Forest Array. Now that it’s back in its nest, you should be free to stand close to it.

Walk up to the bird and use Confuse: Large Fauna on it. It will take you to the highest point of the Derelict Dam, where you are able to turn on the lift and utilize it for the duration of your Jedi: Survivor run.

Once you use the lift, you can use it whenever you want. In Jedi: Survivor, it’s hard to figure out where the last lift is because it’s necessary to go to a completely different place. It’s on Koboh, but it’s somewhere else.

Derelict Dam Elevator Puzzle Rewards:

When you open the yellow gate close to the first lift, the Gorocco Matriarch will be there. It looks like a normal Gorocco, but it’s grey instead of green.


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