May 2023 Roblox Nuke Simulator Codes

May 2023 Roblox Nuke Simulator Codes:

This is Nuke Simulator. This is a famous Roblox computer game where you’re able to build up a powerful stockpile of nukes that follow your character to destroy things so you get more coins.

You can go to the shop as well as try to roll even rarer and even more powerful rockets with those coins. You can open up new places as you play! Every new area comes with a different type of rocket.

Tired of having your Roblox sims hatch cats and dogs? Then, take it to the next level alongside Nuke Simulator, in which you may purchase nuclear weapons from bunkers and send them out into the world to cause chaos and earn coins and gems.

As you earn more money, you may set up fresh territories to destroy, such as towns, forests, and jungles. As you get better, you can improve your stats, such as your nuke velocity, range, or ability to store items, to make your avatar more special.

Roblox Nuke Simulator Was Made By:

Big BOOM Games made Roblox Nuke Simulator as an experience for the app. Within this game, you are going to attempt to get different bombs and use them to make coins and gems.

You can use your money to buy new tools and open up new worlds for you to explore. Try to get the most nukes and do everything the game provides in order to become the best collector in the world.

In the Roblox game Nuke Simulator, you get to control your own nuclear weapons and blow things up. You can get coins and gems by buying nuclear weapons from special bunkers and then firing them at targets that don’t know what’s going on.

As you move through the game, you’ll be able to aim your hits at different types of goals and improve your nuke skills and more. But you can move through the game more quickly if you use special codes to get free prizes.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
BIGTICKETZ 10 Mega Tickets Active [Latest]
BIGTICKETZZ 15 Mega Tickets Active [Latest]
MASSIVEGIFT Free Gift Active
MEGANUKE 2 Mega Silo Tickets Active
ThanksAzure! 2 Mega Silo Tickets Active
Only1ThisTime 1 Daily Spin Active
ILikeGems 500k Gems Active

How Do I Use The Codes I Got?

Follow the instructions below to use codes to get free stuff in the game. You can get things like free coins, gems, as well as game boosts with these codes.

Spending coins to buy nukes and gems for obtaining upgrades while accelerating can help you get nukes faster and improve your chances of getting them.

  1. The Nuke Simulator can be started on Roblox.
  2. On the right side of the screen, tap the yellow Shop button.
  3. When the pop-up shows, simply press the blue Twitter bird button at the bottom of the display.
  4. In the black box that says “Type Code” at the bottom right of the new window, enter the code precisely as it looks in the list above.
  5. To get your prize, press the blue “Confirm!” button next to the writing box.

How To Get More Codes For The Roblox Nuke Simulator:

The best way to find more Nuke Simulator codes is to come back to this guidelines, where we will add new codes as they become available. You can also follow the creators on Twitter, join their official Discord chat, or join their Roblox group.

What’s Wrong With My Roblox Nuke Simulator Codes?

You could discover that the Roblox Nuke Simulator code isn’t working sometimes. Make sure you typed the codes precisely as they are shown, or simply copy and paste them from the list we provide. Also, pay particular attention to the reality that there aren’t any extra spaces or letters.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most codes can only be used once, so you may have already used a code on the list of codes. Lastly, some codes may no longer work by the time you try to utilize them, but the writers will add new codes in the future.

In Nuke Simulator, There Are Other Methods To Get Free Rewards:

If you want more free things in Nuke Simulator, log in each four hours to get your free bonus from the prize box. It’s the big red chest to the right of the wall of bombs. To get your gift, you just need to walk up to it.

You can also get 20,000 coins by checking a code on the above-linked Nuke Simulator Discord group. When we talked above about what to do to enter your Nuke Simulator codes, the directions are on the Codes pop-up page.

How Does Nuke Simulator Work?

Nuke Simulator was a Roblox game about gathering and selling pets, but instead of cute animals, you collect bombs from bunkers. You send out the bombs to destroy targets.

You then run around and pick up the coins as well as gems that were left behind. It looks cute, isn’t too dark, and lets you move through different zones in the usual way as you level upward and pay for opening new ones.


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