All Tears Of The Kingdom Geoglyph Memory Locations

All Tears Of The Kingdom Geoglyph Memory Locations:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdoms, you don’t have to find Dragon Tears and Geoglyphs, but doing so is part of the major goal. With this geoglyph map as well as position guide, you can find every Dragon Tear within every geoglyph within Zelda The Ocarina of Time.

The Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Geoglyphs carry lost memories that can be discovered in Dragon Tears hidden somewhere within the picture. Impa has given you the job of finding all the places in Hyrule as well as the memories they hold,

I’ll tell you how to find each one, what you’ll get for finding it, and the best way to locate the secret Dragon Tears. Here are the places where every geoglyph within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom can be found.

Within Breath of the Wild, Link had to recover his memories in order to find geoglyphs. Within Tears of the Kingdom, however, geoglyphs do a lot more than just fill out the story.

A Geoglyph Help Link To Put The Master Sword Back Together:

They help Link put the master sword back together. This guide tells players where each geoglyph is, so they are able to locate every one of the eleven Dragon Tears to obtain back the best weapon ever made.

Geoglyph Name Coordinates
North Hyrule Plain Geoglyph -1412, 0966, 0123
Tabantha Tundra Geoglyph -1863, 3621, 0236
Tabantha Hills Geoglyph -2551, 1888, 0319
Illumeni Plateau Geoglyph -3096, -0077, 0211
Sapphia’s Table Geoglyph -3178, -1699, 0418
Lake Hylia Geoglyph -0649, -2683, 0068
Batrea Lake Geoglyph 0694, -1309, 0053
Trilby Valley Geoglyph 1828, 0737, 0089
Eldin Mountains Geoglyph 0891, 2951, 0362
Talus Plateau Geoglyph 4467, -0304, 0074
Cape Cresia Geoglyph 3325, -3566, 0004
Secret Rist Peninsula Memory 4534, 2144, 0000

How To Find Impa And Find Out More About Geolyphs And Dragon Tears:

Link can start the main story of Tears of the Kingdom in one of four places after he finishes the initial missions within Lookout Landing as well as talks to Purah about what’s going on in Hyrule.

Link will run into Impa if he first goes to Rito Village. She needs him to help her get a balloon off the ground. Do this for her, as well as she’ll tell Link about the Geoglyohs all over Hyrule and show him how he can use the Dragon Tears at every one one to jump back in time.

How To Solve The Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Geoglyph Puzzles:

In the geoglyphs, you’re looking for a “dragon tear,” which is a small hole in the ground that is always hidden within one of the teardrop forms. There are plenty of teardrop forms in each geoglyph, but what you’re attempting to find is the full teardrop, not the outline of one.

All of the teardrops in a geoglyph will appear hollow, with the exception of one that will be a firm shape filled with colour. That’s the one you are interested in discovering. When you’re close, it will fizzle out, revealing the dragon’s tear as well as the memory inside.

There’s plenty to take in, and when combined with the facts, it can be hard to understand. If you need more help, we’ve written more about each one below.

Visit The Forgotten Temple Where You Get The Map Which Show You Roughly Location Of Each Geoglyph:

You can also go to the Forgotten Temple Impa indicates you, which is in a valley between Tabantha and the Great Hyrule Forest. There, you’ll find a simple map that shows where each geoglyph is roughly.

The geoglyphs are a bit big to see from the ground, but they are much easier to understand when you look down at them.

So the best way to get close to the geoglyphs is from above. You can do this by flying above them with a Skyview tower, making a vehicle, calling back a falling rock, or any other method that you like.


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