May 2023 Roblox All Star Tower Defense Codes

May 2023 Roblox All Star Tower Defense Codes:

The protection that costs the most isn’t always the best. In All Star Tower Defense on Roblox, players can use in-game codes to call up a few of the most popular anime characters.

You may accomplish this with the gems that you obtain from these, which are plenty of them for getting you through the story mode.

No Roblox game completes without a loot chest full of free things to assist you play. So, we decided to make a list of the most recent free gem codes for All Star Tower Defense so you can avoid searching through Discord.

All Star Tower Defense is a famous tower defense game on Roblox that has been around for a long time. In the game, the “towers” are made up of characters from well-known cartoons.

Some of these characters are far more powerful than others. If you want to escape all the enemies coming at you, you ought to choose the best characters you can.

List Of Codes:

Code Reward Active/Expired
rolerewardcode 250 Stardust Active [latest]
Chainsmoke91 free Stardust Active [latest]
ASTDEggOpenedFinally 100 stardust, 2,750 gems, and 1,000 gold Active [latest]
melonmen1 1500 Gems and 150 Stardust Active
newupdcode2 150 Stardust Active
newupdcode3 100 Stardust, and 1000 Gems Active

How To Use Codes In The Game:

  1. Start up Roblox All Star Tower Defence on your device.
  2. Find the settings button in the upper left corner and click it.
  3. Below the choice that comes up is a place to add codes.
  4. Enter or copy and paste the code you’d like to use to get the free stuff.

Where To Put Gems:

In All-Star Tower Defense, players can use the gems they’ve won to call up new characters. There are different levels of rare for these figures, and a gacha method is used to call them.

Even though you can’t be sure of getting the unit you want, each banner has a pity system that promises at least a 5-star pull after a particular amount of pulls. About every two hours, each poster gets a new set of figures.

What Are The Codes For All Star Tower Defense?

All Star Tower Defence codes are free prizes that the makers give out when you reach certain goals or get an update. Most of the time, you can trade these codes in for gems, which are the main cash in the game and what you require for unlocking new, more powerful towers.

How Do You Receive More Codes?

If you play Roblox All-Star Tower Defence a lot, you might always be looking for new codes to use. You can find them in a few places, though: the main account for the game on Twitter,

where fresh codes are often released, and the game’s Discord service, where players can talk to each other as well as stay up to date on the most recent game changes and code releases.

What Exactly Is A Star Pass?

In All Star Tower Defence, the Star Pass is a free prize pass that lets you unlock different currencies, characters, and other things as you reach certain stages. Every season, this Star Pass gets 100 new tiers and gifts to go with them.

Click the Star Pass button on the left side of the display and hit “Claim” to see how far you’ve come with your Star Pass and claim any benefits you’ve earned. If a Star Pass level is dark, it means you haven’t hit that level yet.

Players can earn more than just cash, figures, and gems. They can also get boosts, tickets, and other things. As we’ve already said, the Star Pass is revised at the start of every ASTD season, so work hard to reach those tiers and claim any gifts you want while you nevertheless can.

How Does Star Pass Ultra Work?

If you want to get even better benefits, you can buy Star Pass Ultra, which is the more expensive version of the free Star Pass. It costs 799 robux.

Even though this version of a Star Pass doesn’t come with any extra tiers, it does let users get an extra prize for each tier they unlock. This means that they get 100 percent more goodies.

If you don’t mind spending more Robux, the Star Pass Ultra may serve as a great way to get exclusive characters, even more cash, tickets, XP, and more. Check out the yellow-highlighted area on the right side of the Star Pass to see all of the Ultra prizes.

Keep in mind, though, that the Star Pass Ultra gets revised every season, just like the regular Star Pass, so you only have a certain amount of time to get through all 100 levels.

How Is All-Star Tower Defence Played?

All Star Tower Defence is one of the most played Roblox games of all time. It is one of the first and best tower defence games on the platform, as well as the number of people who enjoy it stays high even as new changes and improvements are made.

You don’t have bunkers, guns, or monkeys as defence units. Instead, they have bases on well-known cartoon characters, such as those from One Piece as well as Demon Slayer.

You could play for the sake of fun, or you could pay a little more attention to the rankings when you go endless. You can use the gems and gold you get from these free codes to improve your defence as well as move up the ranks.


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