All Places In Star Wars Jedi To Find Stim Upgrade Canisters

All Places In Star Wars Jedi To Find Stim Upgrade Canisters:

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you use triggers to help your body heal. BD-1 brought them out for the first time at Cal, and they give a lot of health. You can only use so many of these healing effects before they stop working, but you can get more by finding Stim Upgrade Canisters.

These are throughout the galaxy, usually in places that are hard to find. Some of them are guarded by strong enemies, or they are hidden behind a puzzle.

The more you discover, the more you can use in battle to heal yourself. This guide tells you where all the Stim Upgrade Canisters are in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and how to find them.

Similar to the Fallen Order before it, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor includes numerous soul-like features. Aside from how fighting works and how meditation points are used, triggers are a lot like your estus flas, which is a limited source of health that you are able to refill by sleeping.

You’ll only start with two simple cues, so even on the easiest setting, you won’t have much room for mistake. If you find a stimulus boost, you can make that number go up by one for every single one you find.

Since these are so strong, you’ll want to get as many as you can to make sure you can stay alive in a world far, far away. If you’re not very good with the Force, let us show you where all the Stim Upgrades are in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Where To Look For Every Stim Upgrade:

When you play Jedi: Survivor, you are able to locate 10 Stim Upgrade Canisters. They show up on Koboh and in other places, like Jedha, the Shattered Moon, as well as Coruscant.

Finding them all will help you make sure you are able to recover in battle, which will give you an increased likelihood of beating the game’s toughest enemies.

In Jedi: Survivor, you’ll want to check out all of the places you can go. There are many secrets in these places, and every world except the last one has at least one drug capsule.

All Upgrades To Stims On Coruscant:

Meats From Undercity:

From this meditation point, glance to your left to find a wall that you can climb by using your Jedi Jump. Do this and kill the enemy droid on the opposite side. This will let you open the big chest in the back of the region it was guarding safely.

All Koboh Stim Upgrades:

Shop Of Doma:

When you get to Rambler’s Reaching Outpost on Koboh, you are able to go to Doma’s shop to spend your collection priority on different things, clothes, and other makeup.

Before you buy anything, save at least 10 for the Mysterious Keycode, which you are able to utilise to open the door inside this shop and get to the next box with a Stim Upgrade.

Basalt Rift:

The main story task “Reach the Forest Array” will bring you to this place. When you see a mogu killing a stormtrooper, receive behind it, wall run along the cliff, as well as climb up some vines to the top of a hill that leads to the Rift Passage area. Don’t go in there. Instead, go right to open the box.

Derelict Dam:

You need the Force Lift ability to open this chest, so come back here quickly once you have it. Take the lift to the right of the work bench. At the top level, use force to open the door to your right and fight the mini-boss, Matriach Gorocco.

Diagnostics Corridor:

During the main story, when you’re heading to the Mountain Observatory, keep going normally until you reach a fan that you need to grapple on to get past an electric barrier.

Once you’re on the other side, turn around as well as squeeze through a door that’s only half open. Once you’re through, throw the grapple pad out the window as well as jump off it to get to the floor over where you started and get the box.

The Foothill Falls:

In the Prospector’s Folly zone, go north to the heart of your map, which is where the story is said to be. Wall runs as well as swings along the edge to reach to the perch that looks out over the shack. BD then turns on the machine to make a mine appear. Use force to pick it up, and then utilise it to create a hole in the shack’s roof. Get the Stim Upgrade by going inside.

Viscid Bog:

When you’ve done almost everything in this area as well as can take the lift out of this horrible place, take one last diversion to three stone poles that you can apply the force on to make a way through the swamp.

On the other side, a mogu mini-boss will be waiting for you, and then you’ll have to fight a mogu called the Mire Terror, who is even scarier. Take them both out, or try to run passed them in the hope you are able to unlock the chest at the farthest point of the field before they catch you.

All Jedha Stim Upgrades:

The sheltering hollow:

Once you get to this part of the game, you can’t skip this Stim update. As you wait out the storm in the cave, the chest is right in your way.

The windy Mesa:

On the way to Pilgrim’s Crossing, take a side road into the main part of the Crypt of Uhrma. In the back of the room is a game where you have to pull and push eight blocks, four on the top row as well as four on the bottom, to get them in the right order. Here’s what you want to be taken out:

Top row: Far left and far right

Bottom row: middle two

The Broken Moon:

Assembly Staging:

During the “Research Tanalorr” task, a droid will give you the “Investigate the Factory Lower Levels” tip. Drop down from the cable to get to where the report is written on your map, then utilise the Ascension Cable to climb up a ledge to your right.

Take the subsequent zipline and stay away from the electric spot. When you land, follow the platform to the right. Open the box to get another improvement for Stim.


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