M Pokora and Christina Milian support the Blues at the Stade de France!

Thursday evening, M Pokora and Christina Milian went to the stands of the Stade de France to fully support the Blues

As a great football fan, M Pokora went to the stands of the Stade de France to fully support the Blues. He was alongside his darling Christina Milian. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A good time in love

Christina Milian and Matt Pokora have been very happy since they got together in 2017. They do not let go of a sole and yet, their complicity is still present. The actress immediately fell in love with the singer.

She liked his way to take good care of her daughter Violet. Indeed, the artist is very close to the little one. He even considers her as his own daughter. Subsequently, he also became the proud father of two boys.

A real happiness because he always dreamed of it. Two little guys are perfect for doing football sessions in the garden. Speaking of football, M Pokora is a great enthusiast!

This is therefore the reason why he went to the stands of the Stade de France this Thursday, September 22. He was also with the woman of his life Christina Milian. In total, more than 80,000 spectators were present at the Stade de France.

All supported the French football team against Austria. The atmosphere was therefore there because it was the last League of Nations match on September 22.

The two lovebirds therefore spent their evening supporting their favorite team. Christina Milian therefore hastened to share this moment on his Instagram account.

M Pokora: football for fun

In the photo in question, we see her all smiles, next to his Matt Pokora, in the bays of the Stadium. « It’s been a long time since we went to see a football match together! Like the good old times ” she wrote in the caption.

M Pokora is very proud to be able to share his passion for football with his wife. This activity allows him to think about something other than their usual activitieslike his concerts, or his engagements.

Indeed, the artist also works for the Foundation for Medical Research. Moreover, on September 16, the fifth edition of its national campaign on Alzheimer’s disease was launched.

The opportunity for the singer to pay tribute to his grandfather who suffers from it. “This is to say that there are advances, that researchers are optimistic, not to find a cure, but in any case to slow down the progression of the disease”, he explained to TV Magazine.

He also spoke of his uncle who was affected: “ I was touched within my family by this disease: an uncle, at first, then my grandfather. So I know how difficult it is to live also for the caregivers and for the entourage “.

“More and more people are affected, we may very well be next, our parents or our grandparents may be next. »

A beautiful commitment that he will defend all his life.


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