Look Out For Frauds If Your Business Uses PBX Telephone Systems

If you’re business used Private Bank Exchange systems or commonly known as PBX Systems, then you should be very much careful about any kind of frauds happening in the business. The main definition or meaning of a PBX system is – it is mainly a phone switching system that helps to connect all your internal phones to one another, and finally to an external network, with the help of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

The main hackers or fraudsters who breaks into systems like these, use these systems to make numerous premium rate calls to various place all over the earth. This includes places such as Cuba, East of Europe and also Africa. This is also known as PBX fraud, which is also known as “dial through fraud”. So, if your PABX Phone Systems gets hacked, your business will get the phone bills, and thus you will be the ultimate victim of such fraud.

If you’re wondering how much international calls would cost you, then you should know – it will cost much more than you actually can think about. No wonder these type of frauds has cost many businesses’ millions of dollars and money, in the same process.

The Way These Fraudsters Do The Fraud

The main way these fraudsters do this thing, is by using various kinds of different techniques, in order to maintain a “dial through” fraud. They first attack the IP Telephony  that are very vulnerable, and thus also look for weaknesses too. And after searching when they finally find one, they plan to hack into the phone system and thereby create many fake extensions.

Then they use these fake extensions to make several call to the overseas platform. These type of frauds mainly happen when the business is closed, or during times when the business is not operational. There is also another techniques, where a fraudster will trick some employee at a business in order to forward their number to a very long distance number.

Some Tips And Tricks To Save Your Business From Frauds Like These

To be honest, there can be no end to fraudsters or scammers like these. They can go on duping businesses after business, without any end. But, what you should so care about is yourself and your business best interests. So, the following are some of the most important tips and tricks to keep in your mind :

  • Always make your employees know about scammers like these, and also make them aware as well.
  • Always make sure that all employees change their default passwords to your voicemail systems. They should always be using very strong passwords, so that they could not get broken.
  • The internet firewalls should be prepped up for the maximum amount of security.
  • Make sure to let your provider know that they should limit your telephony access after business hours.
  • If your business is no need of any type of international calls, do plan to totally remove that feature.
  • Always try to work with your PBX maintenance person and ensure that that all your settings are properly set, so that you can minimize the overall risk in the process.


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