General Emilio Aguinaldo High School Gets Donation Of Acrylic Glass By The Company Aguila Glass

In the Philippines, it is seen that another high school has opened its doors to the children and students. And seeing this, Ahila Glass has again joined the 2018’s Brigada Eskwela.

Apart from this company coming forward to help such schools, in helping them to prepare themselves for learning – it is also helping the students in another big way as well. This high school is based in Imus, Cavite, which can be found in the country of Philippines.

Brigada Eskwela, in other words, can be described as the National Schools Maintenance Week, which is held nationwide by all schools in the Philippines. This nationwide initiative is taken by the Education Department of all the schools of Philippines.

This helps in mobilizing hundreds and hundreds of teachers, students, parents, non-government organisations, and other local businesses. These people help in doing various kinds of maintenance and repair works, along with clean up of elementary public and secondary schools too. These people volunteer their own set of skills and time to do their work.

So, in the midst of all these social work, and also being a part of the Brigada Eskwela 2018, Aguila Glass donated almost 200 pieces of acrylic glass & plastics. These sets of acrylic plastic will be used by the school, for various office names and classroom number as well. This is part of the glass company of giving back something to the community.

The reason lies in what they feel is best for the community. They believe having well and positive development of the youth of the country is very much essential. Along with that, having a good education is also an important thing as well. These are the reasons why they’ve come forward with so much support.

When the actual ceremonial turnover was happening, there was John Paul Desierto present. John is one of the Aguila Team Glass members. He was also an alumnus of the school as well. Therefore, the respect and cosiness with the school’s environment and teachers were all there. Some of his former teachers and superiors were with him, namely – Principal IV Lerma Pena, there was Elizabeth Villanueva, Crisanta Caudal, Marites Penaredona and finally Pampilo Cerbito Jr.

When talking about the glass company as a whole, then Aguila Glass was found in the year 1952, in the month of February. The founder of the company was Atty. Lauro C. Aguila. It is no doubt that, Aguila Glass is one of the most leading providers of automotive glass, in the country of Philippines.

It provides various types of acrylic plastics and even glass for automobiles, which are used as replacement glasses. Apart from that, the glass company also sells other types of products like safety laminated glass, sheets made out of polycarbonate, weather strips, wiper blades, various types of sealants, and also tints or films for glass windows as well. The way this company is helping the high school, in times like these, is definitely very much commendable, to say the least.


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