Locations Of The Phasmophobia Easter Egg 2023

Locations Of The Phasmophobia Easter Egg 2023:

This year, the Easter event is back in Phasmophobia. You can look for eggs all over the map as part of this event. You have to find these eggs before you can go back to the van. They are hidden in different places.

For the second consecutive year, Phasmophobia has put out an Easter-themed update to Egg Hunt. This update adds a fun new feature that lets players look for Easter eggs that have been hidden on some of the game’s maps.

If players find all of the eggs, they will get an Easter ’23 ID badge as well as a trophy as a reward. However, it’s not always easy to find these eggs. We made a guide with a list of all the Phasmophobia Easter egg locations to help players find them all and show off their rewards to their friends.

Do you want to know where all the Phasmophobia Easter Eggs are in 2023 so you can put a sticker on your contract board for each one? If you do that, you’ll get the Easter ’23 ID Badge as well as Trophy to add to your collection.

As a kid, it was fun to look for Easter eggs, but it wasn’t as much fun to try to catch ghosts without getting caught by them. This really is particularly true due to the 340 Easter eggs hidden on seven different maps.

But don’t worry, we have marked every Easter egg position on maps to help you find them easily. You don’t have to figure out what kind of ghost is hiding in the house, so you can just focus on finding as many eggs as you can on each map.

A map with hidden Easter eggs can be found with the help of an egg sticker. This guide tells you where to look for all of Phasmophobia’s Easter eggs for the 2023 event.

How To Find All 2023 Easter Eggs:

On the different Phasmophobia maps, there are seven places where you’re able to find Easter eggs.

You have to find all of them for them to count, but you don’t have to worry regarding figuring out what kind of ghost they are before you leave. We suggest that you look for eggs first when you’re exploring a map during the event.

All 10 Eggs On Ridgev iew Court:

At 10 Ridgeview Court, you could indeed find all 43 eggs on three floors. The first set, which has five eggs, can be found in the basement. On the ground floor, there are eggs. You need to find 28 of them.

On the second floor, you also can find eggs. You only need to find eight of them.

All Thirteen Willow Street Eggs:

At 13 Willow Street, you only need to look on two floors to discover all 47 eggs. Some are in the basement, and you only have to find eight of them. The same is true for the first floor. On this level, where you have to find the last 39 eggs, there are a lot more.

Every One Of The 42 Edgefield Road Eggs:

At 42 Edgefield Road, you’ll have to look on three floors. In all, there are going to be 58 eggs to find. First, you should look for the eggs in the basement, in which there are just 3.

After that, go upstairs to the first floor, where you need to find 30 to get to the next set. Go to the second floor as well as find the last two eggs. On the top floor, there are 25.

All Six Eggs On Tanglewood Drive:

On the Tangle wood Drive map, you only need to find eggs on two floors. There are a total of 52 at this place. You should start in the basement, where there are 10 eggs, to find the first set.

After that, go to the first floor by going upstairs. You’ll find the last 42 eggs, which is where you’ll spend most of your time.

All Places To Find A Bleasdale Farmhouse Egg:

On the Bleasdale Farmhouse map, you can find eggs on three floors. There are 52 to look for in all. You should start on the first floor, where the first set of books is kept. The number is 30.

The second floor will have the next show. The next 17 can be found on this level. The last set will be in the attic on the third floor. The five eggs that are left would be up there.

Every Camp Woodwind Egg Spot:

You only have to look in one open region for these eggs, therefore they ought to be fairly easy to find. Only 37 eggs are left for you to find.

All Places To Find Grafton Farmhouse Eggs:

Grafton Farmhouse will be the last place to look for the eggs. You only have to look for eggs on two floors, and there’s 51 of them. You should start your search on the first floor, where there are 38 eggs.

The last eggs are on the second floor, so look there. The last 13 eggs can be found.


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