Dream Light Valley Aquamarine And Tourmaline For Gem And Opal Road

Dream Light Valley Aquamarine And Tourmaline For Gem And Opal Road:

Since a long time ago, the game has had the recipe for making the Gem as well as Opal Road. But the recipe called for Alexandrite, which is not a stone that can be found in Dream light Valley.

Thanks to the Pride of the Valley update, this gem stipulation had also finally been taken out of the recipe, so players can now make the Gem and Opal Road.

Each step of the recipe only makes one piece of flooring, so if you’d like to pave your valley with these royal tiles, you’ll probably have to do a lot of gathering.

Here’s what you require to know to get the aquamarine as well as tourmaline you need to make the Gem as well as Opal Road throughout Disney Dream light Valley. Throughout Disney Dream light Valley, you can find a lot of different materials and ingredients in each biome.

Every resource, whether it comes from the wild or from Goofy’s Stall, has a use of some kind.  But some resources aren’t as prevalent as others, sometimes and their spawn points are the same as those of other resources. Especially with gems like aquamarine, it’s frequently the case.

How To Make Gems and Opals:

Crafting one Gem & Opal Road tile requires.

1x Stone
1x Aquamarine
1x Tourmaline

Open the Inventory window and pick the Furniture option to put the Gem and Opal Road in any valley biome. Choose Paths under Landscape. Pathways are only allowed outside.

Aquamarine Can Be Found:

Aquamarines are only found throughout Dazzle Beach as well as the Forest of Valour in Disney Dream light Valley. In the big black rocks along the rock walls of these two biomes, players could indeed find gems like aquamarine.

Keep an eye out for black rocks in Disney Dream light Valley that have gems sticking out of them. If you break them with a pickaxe, you’re guaranteed to get a gem.

Players should also know that aquamarines and emeralds share spawn points inside the Forest of Valor and Dazzle Beach. If a gem does fall, it’s not a sure thing that it’s going to be an aquamarine.

On top of that, there’s an additional type of gem called “shiny aquamarine” that is more rare and sells for more money.

The black rocks come back after a while, so if players need some more gems, they could indeed come back later and keep mining for them. Having a friend with the mining role together will help players get even more gems as they spawn.

Tourmaline Can Be Found:

Only the Sunlit Plateau as well as the Frosted Heights have mineral nodes where tourmaline can be mined. Any mineral node inside the area could give you this gem, and veins with such a light pink gem sticking out of them will always drop at least each tourmaline.

The mineral nodes in such biomes also can drop citrine inside the Sunlit Plateau as well as amethyst inside the Frosted Heights, as well as their shiny versions, so it may take a while to mine enough tourmaline.

You can’t make Gem and Opal Road with shiny tourmaline; you’ll need to have the normal version of the gem.

How To Obtain The Most Aquamarine As Well As Tourmaline For Making Jewelry With Gems And Opals:

Since each Gem & Opal Road craft only gives you one small tile, you’ll probably need a lot of aquamarine as well as tourmaline to make enough to decorate your home the way you want.

You can increase your chances of getting gemstones when you gather from a mineral node by doing a few things. It can assist you get even more aquamarine as well as tourmaline.

Mining Companion Is The Way To Go:

When your friendship with just about any character inside the valley reaches level 2, you’ll be asked to give them a role. Each of the game’s gathering skills has a role, and you should make sure you have at least each villager for each role.

As expected, giving a villager the Extraction role makes it more likely that you will find more gems as well as other materials when you mine.

When you’re ready to start mining, talk to that villager and ask them to hang out. They’ll follow you and sometimes find extra drops when you gather from a mineral node.

As your friendship level with a character goes up, your chances of getting these bonus items go up. Remember that you will only get this bonus if they are with you.

You Can Increase Your Chances Of Getting Gems By Using Special Potions:

Miracle Pickaxe Polish as well as Even More Miraculous Pickaxe Polish are two potions in Disney’s Dream light Valley that make it much more likely that you’ll get a gemstone when you gather from a mineral node.

These recipes become available when you complete Merlin’s “Working Miracles” questline. This questline is part of his “Welcome to Dream light Valley” series, which is available right at the beginning of the game. Here are the ingredients you need to make all of these potions.

Some Recommended Potion For You:

Potion Materials
Miracle Pickaxe Polish 10 Vitaly’s Crystal, 5 Onyx, 500 Dream light
Even More Miraculous Pickaxe Polish 20 Vitaly’s Crystal, 10 Onyx, 1000 Dream light

There is some confusion about these potions, and the fact that the in-game descriptions seem to be currently wrong doesn’t help.

The Miracle Pickaxe Polish can be used for 10 uses instead of 5, as it says in-game, while the Even More Miraculous Pickaxe Polish can be used for 25 uses instead of 12. A single attack on a mineral node is called a “use.”

Also, the potions don’t guarantee that you’ll get a gem every time you hit something; they just make it much more likely.

But I actually noticed that I got a gemstone every time when I mined from mineral veins where the gemstones were visible before I mined and from normal veins where the gemstones were visible after the first hit.

So, using these potions could indeed certainly improve your likelihood of obtaining the aquamarine as well as tourmaline you have to pave your valley perfectly.


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