LG recently reported that, they started working with Snapdragon 845 to integrate it on their latest Device or Call it Flagship LG G7.

It was really a heart breaking decision for LG compromise and integrate the Snapdragon 621 on it’s recently launched device G6. The reason was the deal made between Samsung and Qualcomm that the Snapdragon 835 will be available first for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The LG G6 is perfect by benchmarks and specifications. This made the buyers think twice while selecting from multiple Flagships. Now we found some reports that LG started working with Qualcomm to finally integrate the Snapdragon 845 on the LG G7 in early May’ 17.

Lg G7 release date, price, rumors
Lg G7 release date, price, rumors

The latest Snapdragon 845 is based on 7nm process, and it is expected that this processor would definitely perform something around 30% better than its predecessor.

After reading the report, we can say that LG doesn’t want to stay behind this time in the race of the best flagship devices hence LG is integrating the SD 845 on the LG G7 this time. According to the Business Daily, they claimed that the new SoC will be based on 7nm process and which is probably expected to 25-30% more powerful than the older versions.

The LG G7 will have the latest processor with OLED Screen which will make the device best among the competition. According to our expectations, it will be in the top charts by late 2017 or early 2018.

This device will cost something around $700-800 USD as per our expectations. The devices are most likely to be launched in February 2018. The pricing will be similar to it’s competition which is $750 USD for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

According to the rumors, we can expect that there will be some curved edge display like the Samsung Galaxy series. The G series of LG will be more sexier in 2018.

Another thing that we are expecting is a huge removable battery. As you all know the scenario about that Note 7, Removable battery will be the most important thing in flagships now!

Also, we can expect some powerful and wireless charging in the new LG G7, and I am sure that it will be waterproof. The quality of the display will be better with the new OLED display. That’s all we know about the LG G7. Stay tuned for more!


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