It has become kind of a habit – Samsung’s next big thing(s) almost always get leaked a little earlier than expected. Ever since its first Galaxy S smartphone, things have come a long way. Today the mania associated with Galaxy S series is so much that an entire industry of bloggers and leakers has emerged to discover as much as possible about next Galaxy S smartphones. However, this time things are getting to the next level.

Because this time details of an upcoming Galaxy S smartphone are coming out even before the launch of another major flagship from Sammy. Sounds weird? Well, it just happened.

That’s true – while you, me and everyone else is busy waiting for Galaxy Note 8, a report recently published on Korean site The Bell suggests that Samsung has probably advanced the production schedule of its Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphones by 3-4 months, both of which will be revealed next year.

Straight from Korea

These words of wisdom have come straight from South Korea, where Samsung is headquartered. And this advancement in production schedule, if true, might’ve been done primarily because of an increased focus on quality. Quality has become something very critical for Samsung right now, thanks to Note 7 fiasco. The company will certainly not want to see that happening to even a single unit of its upcoming models.

Because After All, It’s About Stars!

The report also suggests that Samsung has assigned the codename “Star” to Galaxy S9 and “Star 2” to Galaxy S9 Plus. In case you don’t remember, Sammy has a fascination with such codenames. Galaxy S8 was codenamed “Dream”, Galaxy S7 “Lucky” and Galaxy Note 5 was called “Noble.”

When you assign such wonderful codenames to your products, you don’t want them to blast in the airplanes. They should live up to those names in real lives as well. Shouldn’t they?

It’s Early, But It’s Probably A Doubled-Edged Display

Doubled edged swords have become too old fashioned – now it’s time for double edged displays.

While it’s still too early to say anything with precision about the features of both these upcoming smartphones, if there’s one thing that’s certain then it is a double edged display. Other details, however, are less confirm, because currently both Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, regardless of their production stage, have a decent timespan of at least 6 months before they hit the market. Six months, when it comes to tech, can change a lot.

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However, if rumor mill is believed then we can safely assume that they’ll come with a Exynos 8890 or Snapdragon 845 processor. Besides that there’s nothing more known so far, except for this advanced production schedule.

Anyways, let the Korean giant do its hardwork. Let’s not forget that before this one comes out Sammy already has two other things to do: One is an impressive Galaxy Note 8, while another is a refurbished version of Galaxy Note 7. Let’s wait and watch how better (and safer) they turn out to be in comparison to their predecessors. 


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