LG G7 Launch On Schedule, Name and Launch Date Will be Revealed on Right Time: Spokesperson

If there’s one thing in the smartphone industry right now that’s most uncertain, it’s the launch of LG G7. Last year it was being expected to be unveiled at (or around) CES, but that didn’t happen. Then we had the expectations of a launch at MWC, but a few days ago cold water was thrown on those expectations as well when it was heard that company’s Vice Chairman has ordered a complete rework on the phone. Now finally we’re hearing that the launch of the device is “on schedule” and there’s no delay. However, the name of the device may be changed to something else.LG G6

That’s right – a company spokesperson recently told Engadget and Android Central in separate statements that all reports suggesting LG G7 launch delay due to design and performance issues are inaccurate. The launch is very much on schedule, but that will happen according to company’s own schedule rather than industry traditions. The launch date and name of the device will be revealed when the time is right.

Given below is the statement of company’s spokesperson to Engadget:

“Some stories have reported that LG’s mobile division is delaying the release of the G7 in order to reevaluate its performance and design. This is inaccurate. Preparations for the launch of the G6’s successor are on schedule. LG intends to focus on creating products that will result in meaningful results rather than launching new products on a schedule based solely on industry expectations and traditions. The release date for G7 is currently under consideration and will be announced when the time is right.”

Interestingly, the statement refers to the device as LG G7, but the same spokesperson also suggested in another statement to Android Central that name of the device will also be revealed when the time is right. Given below is the version of the statement given to Android Central :

“The successor to the G6 is on schedule, and the official name will be announced when the time is right. Until then, reports of a decision being made on the timing and name are all speculative.”

So it seems that all we can do right now is wait for the so-called right time. Fortunately, that right time doesn’t seem to be too far now. LG G7 (or whatever it’s called) is not as far from a launch as we were expecting after the news of its development being started from scratch. It will not debut at MWC, but it may be announced after that without taking too long. Hopefully, we’ll hear more on this in a few days, and when that happens, we’ll let you know.


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