Xiaomi Partners With Smartbox for Automated Delivery of Online Orders

Ever got your online purchase order undelivered because you were out of your home? Fortunately, that won’t happen with your Xiaomi smartphone purchase order anymore, as long as you order it from Mi.com or Mi Store Android app.

That is because to help you with this problem company has recently partnered with Smartbox Ecommerce Solutions, a company that aims to help online shoppers in collecting their parcels whenever they want. Let’s see how that will work:

What is Smartbox?

Before we can understand what this partnership means and how it will help us collect our Xiaomi orders more conveniently, it’s important to know a bit about Smartbox. So, in company’s own words, Smartbox is India’s first and only automated parcel delivery network. The company is establishing a network of automated digital lockers to help online shoppers in collecting their parcels conveniently and privately. Just as an ATM machine allows us to withdraw cash at a time of our choice, a Smartbox location can allow us to collect our parcels whenever we want to collect them. We can even pay for our Cash on Delivery orders through the Smartbox terminal itself using our credit/debit cards.

Now let’s see how this will work for our Xiaomi orders.

How will it work?

Given below is how the entire process will work:

  1. You can go to Mi.com or Mi Store app and purchase your favorite Xiaomi smartphone (or any other Xiaomi gadget) just as you do.
  2. At the time of providing delivery address, you need to choose Smartbox. Then you’ll be able to select a Smartbox location, which you can choose according to your preferences. Generally company’s automated parcel collection lockers are located in densely populated areas, so there’s a good chance that you can find one near your workplace or home. They can also be found in major markets and residential townships.
  3. Once you choose a Smartbox location of your choice and place the order, you can continue with your life as you do.
  4. When your order has arrived at the Smartbox location of your choice, Smartbox will send you an SMS on your mobile number with an OTP.
  5. Then you can go to the Smartbox location at a time of your convenience and collect your parcel from there by supplying the OTP that was sent to your mobile number. You’ll have to enter the OTP in locker terminal (which will be similar to the terminal of an ATM), and upon its successful verification the locker will be opened for you and you’ll be able to collect your parcel. If you had placed a Cash on Delivery order, you will also have the option of paying for the order with your credit/debit card.

And that will be all.

How secure is it?

According to Smartbox, its lockers and terminals are highly secure. They’re kept under 24×7 CCTV surveillance to ensure that nothing is stolen, and no one else can collect them on your behalf until he/she knows the OTP that was sent to you. The locker will open only when correct OTP is entered.

Bottom Line

Online retail has had a major hand in Xiaomi’s success, and this partnership with Smartbox will certainly help the company in further improving its online purchase experience. Right now Smartbox is operating in Delhi only, but soon they plan to expand to other regions as well, post which Xiaomi’s order delivery process will become smoother across India.

So if you’re that kind of Xiaomi fan who’s often out of home for work or some other reason, don’t forget Smartbox while ordering your next gadget from Mi Store. Thank us later for the tip! 🙂


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