Leaked OnePlus 6 Images Show its iPhone X Like Notch, Vertical Dual Camera and Glass Back

OP 6

OnePlus 5T is still very much a new phone launched just four months ago, but it seems that first few images of OnePlus 6 have already leaked online. Some latest reports from various media outlets are widely publishing what are believed to be the first two images of this upcoming flagship. And what’s showing up in those images is very interesting.

The images, which you can see above, show OnePlus 6 with a large display that covers almost entire front of the device. There’re almost no bezels, but there certainly is a notch on the top side of device. This suggests that OnePlus is probably gonna find solace in a notch rather than a top bezel or something else. Now there’re two problems with it:

  1. It’s clearly a copy of what Apple did. But that’s nothing new because company has done it earlier as well – just put a OnePlus 5 and iPhone 7 Plus together and you’ll see for yourself.
  2. It’s immaturish and more horrible than the stylish notch of Apple that hides many different sensors underneath. The only things that you find in it is earpiece and front-facing camera.

The back of phone is made of glass, which suggests that OnePlus may finally be adopting wireless charging. OnePlus 6 may well emerge as company’s first smartphone with a glass back. It will also make a starkly different design than the Standstone White and Lava Red designs of OnePlus 5T.

Finally, there’s a vertically aligned dual camera on the back of OnePlus 6 in these images, which once again is a copy of Apple. A fingerprint sensor sits below the camera lenses, this time in a different shape though.

In the end I’d like to say that you take these images with a grain of salt, no matter how awesome (or horrible) they seem. That is because this may also be a very early stage prototype of the device, having little (if anything) to do with the final design of OnePlus 6.

However, if this particular device indeed comes with this notch, this design and a glass back… will you buy it? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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