Google Pixel 3 Rumors, Price, Features and Release date

Google Pixel range of smartphones is the newest line-up of devices from the Android manufacturers, Google itself. Initially, it was called Nexus. The company changed the brand name as Pixel in 2016 emphasizing the importance to the camera. Ever since the introduction of Google Pixel, it has been doing well in the market.

Google Pixel 3 is next in line to be released in Q4, 2018 and the first one to run Android P. Though not much has been surfaced yet, let us see what has shown up.

Leaks of Google Pixel 3 in testing

As of now we only have the confirmation that the Pixel 3 is in the making and testing on the software side has begun. It was confirmed with the new AOSP commit that Google released on 6th of April and a comment line said, “This change added to config because the HAL V_1_2 only supports Google Pixel 3, and the new Auto Selection Network UI is based on HAL V_1_2. So, we set the flag to decide which Auto Selection Network UI should be used based in the device type”. This was first identified and posted in XDA developers forum.

Leaks of new software design changes for Google Pixel 3

There was another minor leak of the new design feature that is speculated to be of the Google Pixel 3’s. This too was found by developers at XDA forums when the newest version of pixel launcher, it had some hidden codes which can be activated if necessary. The hidden code had a minor design change on the home screen. The google search bar of the Pixel 2
the launcher was moved to a newer place, the bottom of the screen, on the dock just above the on-screen keys. This time the design is slightly changed with a search bar split into two, having a separate button for mic icon – voice input.

There is not much exciting news from Pixel 3, after all, that is what to expect from a phone
expected to release 6 months later. But we have brought you some interesting speculation
to excite you.

Market speculations and expectations

As posted in, “said by at least four senior industry executives” we are more
likely to see a mid-range Pixel in India for Diwali, that is on Q3, 2018. India has been serving a huge market space for smartphones especially in the entry-level and mid-range segments.

Almost all of the leading smartphone companies have started treating India special
recognizing the flourishment of smartphones in India. Google also experienced a recent
success in the mid-range segment with MI A1 under their Android One program. As a
follower to the successive android one smartphone released in September 2017, the
company is set to release a cheaper, mid-range Google Pixel on September 2018 with good camera and specs specially crafted for the Indian market. Or at least that is what market specialists have speculated for now.

Though the display had issues on the Google Pixel 2 XL people seem to get it for the software experience, top specs and the incredible camera that a smartphone could have. With Google having the most fluid and simple android driving the Pixel devices and having the best image processing algorithm to beat every smartphone optics out there to remain in the top for a half year now, the newer Pixels are the most anticipated in 2018.

Release date and Price

The device is expected to launch in the first week of October similar to the previous
generation releases. The price for the smaller variant is expected to be around 50k and 60 k for the XL variant. The mid-range pixel is expected around 20k if it manages to come out.



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