James Gunn’s tremendous “zasca” on Twitter

James Gunn
What happens when you try to belittle the work of James Gunn and the Marvel directors? Twitter and James Gunn himself have the answer.

Social networks such as Twitter are a breeding ground for commenting on everything (what we know here in Spain as “brother-in-law”) is a fact known to all at this point in life.

However, he occasionally gives us moments when karma does its job and returns with a silk glove a delicate slap to those who share their opinions for free and with little or no knowledge on a subject. Today it was James Gunn’s hand that put on that silk glove.

The director of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad was immersed in a debate about the freedom that the directors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe enjoy (or not) that arose as a result of the declarations of some filmmakers about the control that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios executives exercise over the movies.

James Gunn explained that many directors have creative control of the film, although they have to stick to specific parameters. Let’s not forget that the MCU is interconnected in many ways between its movies and series, and there needs to be some concordance.

At that moment, another user entered the scene claiming that “Marvel only hires directors with little experience and few films and they promise to have control although, in reality, it is the” family team “who really directs the film, as in a television series.”

James Gunn did not hesitate to thank this user for “the privileged information about the job he has, while whoever commented did not.” The filmmaker says goodbye in the tweet with a constructive comment, but equally valid “Twitter is sometimes a great place,” with sarcasm, of course.

What do you think of these people who are dedicated to commenting in such a constructive way, disparaging the work of others?


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