Jabra Wiki – Brief Details Jabra Mobile Company

Jabra Corporation is a Danish manufacturer, that develops various types of wireless and corded headsets for mobile and smartphones. The company was founded in the year 1983. The founder was Elwood Norris. Jabra was the first company to create a speaker that also has an integrated microphone as well. Jabra was also the first company to tune a headset that will work over the air. The company also created a market for headsets, with the Motorola StarTac product.

The company is a subsidiary of the GN Group. GN Group has been operational for 150 years for now. Jabra was the first company to bring out the world’ first ultra noise-canceling microphone. Jabra was also responsible for developing the first Bluetooth headset in the world. It was also Jabra that made the first sports headphones with an integrated heart rate monitor.

History Of Jabra

With the help of the GN Group, Jabra Corporation has been able to make leaps and bounds in the wireless headset market. In the year 1996, Jabra Corporation acquired various operations in Scotland. This is to help the company push into Bluetooth headphones. In the year 2000, Jabra was acquired by the GN Group. GN Netcom brought together its office and contact center, under the Jabra branding. In 2008, two distinct divisions were also restructured – CC&O and as well as for Mobile. This helped Jabra to concentrate more on the B2B or Business 2 Business segment. And also on the consumer segment too.

Developments In The Mobile Space

Apart from collaborating with the GN Group, Jabra’s sister brand ReSound also helped in developing the sound signature along with the world-class products. Resound are hearing aid experts. And with the help of its sister brand, Jabra has been able to improve the hearing experience. Their expert knowledge in sound has been truly a help in shaping Jabra which it is today.

In terms of products, Jabra sells simple office or call center headsets to top-notch True Wireless Bluetooth Headsets. The true wireless headsets include both the Jabra Elite 65T and Jabra Elite Active 65T. While the Elite 65T focuses on music and calling, the Active 65T focuses on an active lifestyle. The 65T is IP54 rated, while the Active 65T is IP56 rated. The company has made the Active 65T primarily for the people who indulge in sports and activities. The 65T is for people who just want a cleaner audio experience. Both are rated at 5 hours of battery life, with 15 hours if the charging case is used. Both come with support for Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

And finally, there is the Jabra Elite Sport, for those who want no compromises. A single charge will last 13.5 hours. There is also the Jabra Sound+ App, currently available for the Elite 65T. This is to help consumers tune the sound preferences to their liking. Jabra has been fully committed to developing the perfect audio solutions for the human ear. Jabra had been doing hours and hours of research and engineering into each product. So that, the consumers could be able to buy headsets that are not only just smart. But also pack in more features too.


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