In The Legend Of Zelda, Here’s How To Beat Calamity Ganon

In The Legend Of Zelda, Here’s How To Beat Calamity Ganon:

Breath of the Wild is the first game in the series that lets you choose how to play. As a result, the below guide is just one of many ways you can play the game. We suggest that you use the time between your big goals to learn more about the world.

In Breath of the Wild, the final boss fight is with Ganon. This is the final showdown between good and evil. Link, the hero of Hyrule, fights the Beast of Darkness in an epic battle to save the country from being destroyed forever.

Link must face his biggest task when he faces the personification of evil. He has the Bow of Light, a sense of bravery, and all the fighting skills he has learned in his life.

But going alone is too dangerous, so why don’t you use this detailed guide to beat Ganon? We’ll show you how to beat Ganon and save the day in Breath of the Wild, from how to avoid lightning bolts to how to shoot arrows at glowing symbols.

Calamity Ganon’s Downfall:

If you’ve already freed the four holy beasts, the first part of the fight against Calamity Ganon will start with a scene where the four spirits attack the boss and take away half of his health.

Coordinating counterattacks is the key to winning the fight, since missing any of them will cost you a lot of lives and make it harder for you to win.

Use the Master Sword to do more damage and avoid getting hit by the boss. When he fills his weapon with lightning, avoid it to stun him and then hit with physical weapons. In the second part, when Ganon makes a force field around his body, you should wait until it’s gone before hitting him.

To Get To Calamity Ganon In Hyrule Castle, Do The Following:

No matter when Link chooses to fight his enemy, they will do so in the same place: Hyrule Castle. Link can go straight to Hyrule Castle from the moment he leaves the Great Plateau. But this is not a good idea.

Ganon is much harder to beat at this point, and the player is also going to miss out on most of the game’s story. Canonically, it seems like Link has to set free the souls of the 4 Champions before taking on Calamity Ganon, the Darkness.

There are several towers near Hyrule Castle that help Link to quickly get close to the castle. All of the castle is surrounded by a ditch, so the best way to get there is by glider.

Link can either find a high spot, like one of the tall towers near the castle, or discover among of the few tight spots in the pond to employ Revali’s Gale to get across.

You could also use the Cryonis feature of the Sheikah Slate to cross the moat, but the fast stream and high winds in the moat can make this dangerous. As soon as the player crosses the lake into Hyrule Castle, a picture of the castle will show up in the bottom right area of the screen.

This will be the moment when the player has truly entered the castle building. At the same time, the standard map of Hyrule will be replaced by a bigger form of the plan.

Once this happens, the player will not be able to use the Sheikah Slate to move quickly. Before this ability comes back, the player must leave the house grounds. Players may accomplish this quickly by pressing X on the map screen and choosing the “Leave Area” choice.

Link will see a big orange ball at the top when he looks at the castle plan. Link’s main goal is to reach the Sanctum. Along with this, the diagram will also show the main paths and the openings and exits to and from tunnels.

It’s important to remember that players who are visiting the fortress for the initial time might want to stay on the road to get the full challenge. But like the rest of the game, Link can choose to skip almost all of it and go straight to Calamity Ganon.

This is based on the idea that players will be able to use all of Link’s skills after beating each of Ganon’s weaker, cursed forms. On top of that, players who have finished The Champions’ Ballad DLC will be given improved versions of these skills, making it even easier to get to the Sanctum.

Even though skilled players might be able to get to the Sanctum without any upgrades, most players will do much better with more hearts, more energy, and all of Link’s powers.

Use Your Strongest Bow As Well As Ice Arrows When He Is Climbing The Wall:

The boss uses the same weapons as the beasts, so the players use the same tactics of running away as well as escaping as they did against the beasts. Then, when he climbs the wall, hit him with your strongest bow and ice darts.

When the boss has only 25% health left, the second part starts. To beat the boss, you have to destroy the marks that appear around his body and then shoot the eye that shows up in his stomach.

How To Beat Dark Beast Ganon:

Pick up the Bow of Light, which is right next to you, as soon as you start fighting Dark Beast Ganon. It is the most powerful bow in the game, and it never runs out of arrows.

Wait For Strange Symbols To Appear Around Boss While Fighting Him And Shoot Them With A Bow And Arrow:

Wait for strange symbols to appear near the boss as well as shoot them with your bow. Every single component of his body will have three marks, and it only takes one shot to kill each one. After you remove the six marks that are all around his body, a seventh will show up in his belly button.

You Have To Shoot When He Opens His Eyes:

Once you’ve destroyed the seventh sign, ride in a straight path towards the boss’s mouth and wait for it to open so you can see what eye you need to shoot.

Then, await for the boss to throw a lightning bolt then employ the divine beast’s power to launch yourself into the air. To beat the boss, shoot an arrow during the jump.


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