All Free Characters & How To Unlock Them In Honkai Star Rail

All Free Characters & How To Unlock Them In Honkai Star Rail:

Honkai: Star Rail is a gacha game from Genshin Impact maker HoYoverse. Similar to all gacha games, most of the characters in Honkai: Star Rail requires you to use special cash to buy pulls on a banner.

Accessing most of these characters requires luck or buying enough pulls to take advantage of the sorrow system. However, Honkai: Star Rail is fully playable without investing a single dime, in part due to the wealth of unique characters the game offers.

It may require a lot of effort and cash to obtain every character inside Honkai Star Rail, especially if you’re focused on the game‘s rare 5-star fighters. Specific figures may be unlocked by investing Star Rail Passes as well as Special Passes to place on the present banner.

Just because they are complimentary doesn’t mean they are generally bad! In contrast to Genshin Impact, it seems like the free characters in this game are pretty strong. That means you can spend your valuable materials in them without feeling bad for once. I’ll just show them to you!

Honkai Star Rail: How To Get All Of The Free Characters:

There are eight free characters that players can get in the game right now. Some of the best 4-star characters in the game are among them. This list might vary once the Honkai Star Rail test is over, but we’ll make sure to update it when the full game comes out.

How To Make The Main Character Playable:

The Main figure is a possible figure who is given to each player near the beginning of the game. After killing some enemies like Kafka, you’ll get to choose whether your main character is a man or a woman. This is how Genshin Impact usually works.

This Honkai: Star Rail character actually has a 5-star, but since it’s the free character that all players get, no one knows if it’s really as strong as it says it is.

How To Get Into March 7:

You will get March 7th for free as you move through the primary narrative. He is a valuable 4-star backup character. She is the first character you get for free besides the main one.

March 7th’s shields help the team defend, and she’s a great tool for those who need a defence edge.

How To Get Dan Heng To Work:

Dan Heng is a free 4-star character you get as you play through the main story of Honkai Star Rail. You’ll get him along with March 7th as part of the first training tasks. This character is mostly a single-target DPS, and when there aren’t many mobs around, it’s a good nuker.

How To Get Qingque Out:

Qinque is a 4-star character who can’t be used until players have finished a few tasks. You’ll need to get to Trailblaze Level 21 as well as pass the third Memory Stage of the Forgotten Hall.

The Forgotten Hall is like the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact in that you need to put together two teams of four to fight some tough battles there.

How To Get Asta Out:

Asta has four stars in Honkai: Star Rail. During the Warp lesson, you are certain to get her. With a free Star Rail Pass, all players will get this figure on their first pull of the Stellar Warp flag. Asta is a cushion who makes her friends faster and gives them more attack power.

How To Get Serval To Work:

Serval is a 4-star character that players got for free when they signed up early. If you haven’t gotten her yet, it’s likely because you haven’t looked in your in-game email.

You’ll also get a free image, 20 Star Rail Passes, as well as 100,000 credits after doing this.

How To Get Natasha Back:

You can get Natasha for free when you finish the Jarilo-VI quest. She is a 4-star character. She can heal for free, which is always useful.

How To Get Herta Out:

Herta is a 4-star character that you can get for free when you finish World 2 of the Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe.


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