In Tears Of The Kingdom, Where Is King Dorephan?

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Where Is King Dorephan?

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, if you want to finish the Clues to the Sky quest, you’ll need to learn where to find King Dorephan. That’s because getting him is the primary goal of the mission, and he’ll give you some things you need to finish the remainder of it.

The Zora Domain is in a mess within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The sludge is covering the whole country, making the clean water unsafe to drink and hurting the people who live there.

Prince Sidon was sent to stop the dirt from spreading, but Link has to find King Dorephan and find out how to stop the problem for good.

The goal is to make it hard to find Dorephan. TOTK won’t help you discover him, so get your deer camera and get ready to go hunting. Or you may do exactly what I did by discovering him by accident while trying to get down a big mountain.

You need to finish the early parts of the game as well as unlock the Regional Phenomena mission before you can talk to King Dorephan.

Follow the story till you find Prince Sidon. Head east to Zora’s Domain. You will finally get a quest to listen in on a few Zora kids, who are going to offer you very hazy clues about where the king is.

King Dorephan Is Missing:

In Tears of the Kingdom, you are given a hint that King Dorephan has hidden behind a stream somewhere between Zora’s Domain and Ploymus Mountain.

There are a lot of waterfalls within that region, so you can go check out what’s behind each one or look at the map picture below. The door is marked by a wealth chest, and the site of the king is marked by a head. The outside of the place is also shown in the picture above.

Go behind the waterfall to a new place named the Pristine Sanctum. You can’t climb up to the door because the walls are slippery, but you’re able to use the Ascend skill to get onto one of the gaps.

You’ll meet King Dorephan in this room. He’ll tell you more about the story while offering you some King’s Scales and a task sign for the next step. The next destination is to go to Mipha Court and see Prince Sidon.

How To Begin Clues To The Sky:

Now that you’ve found Toto Lake, before you go up to the “land of the sky fish,” you’ll need to find King Dorephan, the leader of the Zora people.

Some kids are having fun around his chair in Zora’s Domain. They talk about where they’ll find him, yet they won’t say anything when you’re there.

Go to the room with the throne and sneak up on them behind the throne. To avoid being seen, stay low and move slowly. As soon as you get close enough, you’ll be able to hear what’s going on.

How To Get To The Waterfall:

King Dorephan has already gone to look into the sludge, leaving Prince Sidon to tidy up Mipha Court as well as deal with the sludge that is taking over the kingdom.

To figure out where he is, you’ll have to listen to the children playing in the throne room of Zora’s kingdom. This event won’t happen if you haven’t done “The Broken Slate.”

Move Slowly To Reach Close To Kids:

If you walk right up to the kids, they will push you away. Instead, climb in the walls of the chair, jump into the pool, as well as move slowly till you are behind them.

If a “listen” response comes up, you’ll know you’ve been able to hide from the kids. People will talk regarding King Dorephan, who is believed to be hiding in a cave behind a waterfall.


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