How To Get The Hand Cannon For Epochal Integration In Destiny 2

How To Get The Hand Cannon For Epochal Integration In Destiny 2:

There is a lot of advertising work for the Destiny 2 expansion In Light-fall, a Guardian was seen using a new type of hand gun.

This cool gun had a silencer, a red laser sight, as well as a painting of flames roaring. But when players went through Destiny 2 as well as finished Light-fall, they couldn’t find this hand gun anywhere.

Destiny 2: Season of the Deep, which just came out, is the next part of the narrative of the Light-fall DLC. With its release comes an additional Neomuna mission called “Parting the Veil,” in which Guardians of Destiny 2 try to find hints about where The Witness is.

Guardians get a new hand gun called Epochal Integration at the end of the quest. But some people need more information about how to get it right. So, let’s talk about how to obtain the Epochal Integration Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 and what its God Roll is.

With Season of the Deep, Destiny 2 got a famous hand gun called Epochal Integration. It’s not easy to get, though.

To get it, players have to win one of the hardest boss fights since the Light-fall expansion came out. This guide tells players how to obtain Epochal Integration as well as what to do with it when they get it.

How To Unlock Integration Of The Epochal:

You may obtain the Epochal Integration hand gun by doing the new quest “Parting the Veil.” Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this quest until you’ve finished the Light-fall mission as well as the “Unfinished Business” task.

Once you’ve done that, go to Neomuna as well as talk to Nimbus to get the “Parting the Veil” mission. The quest has six steps as well as shouldn’t take over an hour to complete.

After you’ve finished all the tasks, go back to Neomuna as well as proceed to the Pouka Ponds within the Hall of Heroes to relax while learning the new Strand Aspects. This will finish the “Parting the Veil” task and give you the Epochal Integration hand gun.

How To Get Integration Of The Epoch:

Only by doing the Parting the Veil mission on Neomuna can you get Epochal Integration. You can get this quest from Nimbus, but you have to have achieved the Unfinished Business Exotic quest first.

If they haven’t already, they’ll have to do it before Nimbus gives them Parting the Veil. This quest has six steps, and if players desire to do them all in one sitting, it will take them about two hours.

We recommend taking a whole evening to beat the final boss, who is worse than Calus in Light-fall. After finishing Parting the Veil, players will receive a shiny new master-worked form of Epochal Integration to add to their library.

Epochal Integration Master-worked God Roll:

Smallbore Increases Range and Stability.
A choice between Keep Away When no combatants are in close proximity Accuracy, Range, and Reload Speed are all increased, or Stats For All: Hitting three separate targets will increase Reload Speed, Range, Stability, and Handling for a moderate duration.
Ricochet Rounds Increases Stability and Range and makes rounds bounce off of hard surfaces.
A choice between Harmonic Resonance Equipping multiple weapons from this set gives Epochal Integration increased Reload Speed and Handling. It will also deal increased damage to Lucent Hive, Tormentors, and Guardisn currently using their Supers. Or Nanotech Tracer Rockets: Landing multiple hits turns the next shot into a micro tracer rocket.
A choice between Eye of the Storm Weapon Handling and Accuracy increases as a player’s health lowers, or Incandescent: Spreads Scorch to nearby enemies when defeating a target. Powerful opponents and Guardians spread Scorch to a greater radius.

From this list of possible perks, we’d choose Keep Away, Incandescent, as well as Nanotech Tracer Rockets for the best god roll.

These would fit with the way we play, which is to stay back, kill enemies quickly and effectively, and wait until we’re fully healed before going back into the fight. Some players might like other perks better, but that’s why this god roll for Epocal Integration is so great. It has a lot of choices.

In Neomuna, Beat The Cabal:

In Destiny 2, the first thing you need to do to finish Parting the Veil is to beat Cabal foes anywhere on Neomuna.

This would be easier to do within the Gilded Precept or Hydroponics Delta Lost Sectors, since they aren’t very hard and other Guardians can’t steal your last hits there. Players won’t have to worry regarding annoying Vex in these Lost Sectors because they are only for the Cabal.

Players need to eliminate the Cabal in any way they can, whether it’s with a precise shot or a close-range attack. Either way, Cabal will sometimes drop Vex Tracking Data, as well as players must have 10 of them to move on to the second phase of the Parting the Veil task.

Acquire Vex Data:

In the second step of Parting the Veil, players will go to Maya’s Retreat. This place was used in both the Hyper-Net Main Strike and the Light-fall campaign.

To get where they need to go, players will need to go to Liming Harbour. It’s best for players to look up the quest within the Directory so they have a waypoint to get them to where they want to go in Maya’s Retreat.

This Tower Is Made To Protect Three Harpies:

When you get here, you’ll see a Vex connection. This Vex-made tower is made up of three protected Harpies, as well as players will have to kill a wave of Vex to get a single of the Harpies to drop its cover and attack.

There are so many Vex enemies in these waves that they can be dangerous, but Guardians don’t have to worry about dying because they can just get back to life and keep fighting. Once the three Vex harpies have been killed, players can go to the Vex tower building to get the info.

Now Proceed To Irkalla Complex  To Obtain More Information:

After getting the information from Maya’s Retreat, players will have to go to the Irkalla Complex to get more information. Players should go to Zephyr Concourse as well as go through Esi Terminal to get there.

It’s best for players to keep to the left and follow the Cabal enemies, especially when they’re coming across a Darkness door that leads to the Irkalla Complex.

Beat The Vex Harpies But They Are Protected With Shield:

Once players get there, they’ll see the exact same Vex tower which appeared within Maya’s Retreat, along with the three Vex harpies that are protected by shields.

Players have to do the same things they did before, like kill waves of Vex to take down the Harpy shields and eliminate them. After beating all three, players can get more information from the Vex tower.


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