In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Get The Ember Armor Set

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Get The Ember Armor Set:

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, a lot of the clothing sets have their own effects, whether they are attack, defensive, or based on how you move around.

There are even some effects that were not within Breath of the Wild, while one of those is in the Ember Armor set. If you wear one or more of its pieces, your damage will go up when the weather is hot.

It’s easy to get the set, but it does take some work. In this guide, we’ll talk about where to look for all the pieces.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Ember Armor is more than just a good fit for Link. When the hero wears bits of this gear, he takes burns whenever he is in a hot place.

This set is a great way to enjoy the hot weather while visiting the Gerudo Desert or Goron City as well as the area around it. Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, there is a lot of different gear to choose from, and a lot of it has extra benefits.

One of these sets comprises the Ember armor collection, which not only makes Link’s general attack do more damage in hot weather, but also gives his charged moves a spark to really turn up the heat.

Where To Find All The Pieces Of The Ember Armor Set:

Near Goron City in the northeast of Hyrule Kingdom are two of the three pieces of the Ember set. Both of the caves where you can find them are full of lava, so you’ll need equipment or Elixirs that make you Flame Guard.

You can use Fireproof Lizards to make Elixirs, or you can buy Flam breaker Armor from a shop in Goron City.

If you’ve finished the Water Temple, Sidon’s Sage ability can also protect you from the heat for a short time, but you’ll have to use it again in a few minutes.

You get Flame Guard by going into two caves on the north and south sides of Goron City and getting the first two components of the Ember set.

To Obtain The Ember Headdress:

The Ember Headdress is located in YunoboCo HQ South Cave, which is north of Goron City as well as southeast of YunoboCo HQ. To walk through the cave without getting hurt by the heat, players must be wearing at least one piece of the Flam breaker armor set.

After killing two Horriblins, players should either throw a Bomb Flower at the rock wall or use a rock hammer to break it down. There is going to be an unfinished vehicle waiting for the player. The player will need to use Ultra-hand to connect the last two wheels to the vehicle.

When the car is done, players ought to bring it to the main room as well as put it in the lava so it can be driven to the opposite side. There will be the prize box with the Ember Headdress in it.

Where To Get An Ember Shirt:

The Ember Shirt can be found southwest of Goron City within the Goronbi River Cave. But the river upon your map is dry, so walk across the dry land to the cave opening at the river’s southern end.

You can fight or avoid the baddies outside and go into the cave right next to the fancy spears that warn you armor was close. Right away, you’ll have to deal with a Horriblin, but with arrows and Recall, that shouldn’t be too hard.

You’ll see an extensive wall of falling lava upon the right side of a lava river up ahead. But if you look to the left, you’ll see rock ledges appear in the fire. Here, you can get past the lava falls in two different ways.

If you’re sure of your Ultra-hand skills, you can jump onto a single of the platforms while it runs by and use a second structure to serve as lava cover as Link goes under the flow to keep him safe from the hot fluid.

You could also connect several rock platforms end to end to make a bridge. This makes it easier to deal with the lava on the opposite side of the l falls.

Once you get past the lava falls, you can ride a single of the rock platforms along the lava river to get deeper into the cave. On the right side of this region, you should see a hole that you’ll need to climb to. Once you get up to this hole, the Ember Shirt was close to the chest here.

The Ember Trousers Can Be Found:

The Ember Trousers won’t be found quite as close to Goron City to be the other two pieces. Instead, you’re going to Foothill Stable as well as the close Kisinona Shrine, both of which are at the base of Death Mountain, directly south of it.

From there, go a little bit north until you reach the shores of Cephla Lake. There’s a tent as well as two Hylians alongside a task tag on their heads. The two people have treasure hunters who have been looking for wealth in the near Cephla Lake Cave for a while.

They say that a dog close might be ready to find what they’re looking for, while you can do the same thing.

Feed the dog near their tent at least three times as much as you normally do. As long as it’s real food, it doesn’t matter what you give it. The dog will go into the cave to retrieve the gold box you want.

The box in question occupies the back left corner of the cave. To its left is an ore vein, and to its right is a patch of Bright Blooms. The green trousers are in there. Now you can dress up for the weather and hurt Ganandorf’s minions at the same time.

Costs To Upgrade Ember Armor:

For each piece of protection you wear, you’ll get a stack of “hot weather attacks,” which will make your damage higher when it’s hot. When each of the three pieces have at least two stars and you wear them, you’re awarded the Hot Weather Charge outfit bonus.

This gives you fiery spin moves in hot places, like the hot caves in Eldin or the Gerudo Desert during the day. When it’s ready to use, the horns and other parts will glow red.

This protection won’t protect you from fire, and it won’t keep you cool in hot weather. Go to a Great Fairy Fountain as well as be ready to pay some materials to improve your protection.

Star Defense


1 4 3 fire fruit 10 rupees
2 6 5 Fire-Breath Lizalfos horns 5 summerwing butterflies 50 rupees
3 9 5 Fire Like stones, 5 warm darners 5 warm darners 5 large Zonai charges 200 rupees
4 16 5 Gleeok Flame horns 10 sizzlefin trouts 10 large Zonai charges 500 rupees

To fully upgrade everything, you’ll need 9 fire fruit, fifteen Fire-Breath Lizalfos horns, fifteen Fire Like stones, fifteen Gleeok Flame horns, thirty sizzlefin trout, fifteen warm darners, fifteen summerwing butterflies, 45 big Zonai charges, as well as 2,280 rupees.


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