In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Finish A Token Of Friendship Quest

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Finish A Token Of Friendship Quest:

After you finish Zora’s main story quest, Clues to the Sky, and beat the thing that is making the muck, Yona will give you a task named A Token of Friendship.

Yona is the new Zora king’s wife. She’ll tell you to go back to the Zora waterworks and look for the Zora grieves there. Something useful to have to finish off the Zora clothing set.

You can find the Zora waterworks in the main lake, where you discovered them before. If you jump into the big tornado in the lake, you’ll be taken back to the Zora waterworks. Once you get down here, following the path into the main room of the waterworks.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, if you want to discover the Zora Greaves, which are part of the Zora Armor set, you have to finish the “A Token of Friendship” quest. There are bits of metal all over the map, however you can’t go after them right away.

Instead, you’ll have to work on other important story goals before you can do this. One of these jobs is to give a friend a gift, but it won’t show until you’ve accomplished something even more important first.

Getting To Zora Greaves:

You can’t immediately start the “Token of Friendship” quest. Instead, you need to finish the Water Temple within Tears of the Kingdom. To get to the level, you will also need to find the Zora gear.

Once you have beaten Mucktorok, the Scourge of the Water Temple, you are going back to Zora’s Domain. Here is where you’ll find Yona. She will provide you the Token of Friendship Mission.

You Have To Go To East Reservoir Lake:

You need to go to the East Reservoir Lake. The Ihen-a temple near Mipha Court is the closest temple. You are able to glide over the water, where there is a whirlpool, from here. Make sure to drop into the middle of the tornado, and you’ll reach the Ancient Zora Waterworks.

The Ancient Zora Waterworks no longer have any water in them. All that is left is a cave and some planks. If you follow the path, you’ll find a hole that leads deeper into the group.

Be careful in the next area, where some large stones are sticking out of the ground . These stones will transform into a Stone Tallus, which is a tough boss to fight. You can’t quickly climb up the Stone Tallus with no slipping on the wet area, and if you fall, it has time to hit you with its fist.

Go Behind The Stream To Get Chest:

You can find the chest with the Zora Greaves if you go behind the stream near the Stone Tallus. Like the Zora Armor as well as the Zora Helm, they will assist Link swim faster and make him look really cool when he wears the whole set.

If you go back to Zora’s Domain and talk to Yona about the Zora Greaves, she will comment on them and then point you to the royal room, where you are able to begin “The Never-Ending Lecture” missions, but which will get you closer to getting the Zora Helm.


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