How To Finish The High Spring As Well As The Light Rings In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish The High Spring As Well As The Light Rings In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are a lot of secrets and tasks to find in Hyrule. You can find a lot of them just by exploring the world.

The majority of them are not even on your path if you’re doing one of the major tasks or side quests, so be ready to go off the beaten path to discover something you never would have seen before.

Some of the quests within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are needed to open certain shrines. This brings the tasks and problems you’d normally do inside the shrines to the overworld.

The High Spring as well as the Light Rings is one of these quests. Before you can go to the shrine it leads to, you have to answer a puzzle.

During your trip within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can do a number of tasks. Many of them are hard, like The High Spring as well as the Light Rings task, in which Nazbi tells you about an old story.

When Nazbi tells you a tale, it’s important to write down the most important parts so you can figure out where you must travel. To finish The High Spring as well as the Light Rings within Tears of the Kingdom, you have to figure out which road you need to take and where you require to go next.

After you solve the puzzle and do some brave things to open the shrine, you’ll have to deal with one of the game’s most frustrating Proving Grounds tasks, which involves climbing, flying, and fighting annoying Soldier Constructs.

How To Finish “High Spring” And “Light Rings”:

The High Spring as well as the Light Rings represent a shrine mission that you will probably find by accident as you look for Skyview Towers around the world. You can find Nazbi, the NPC who will give you this quest, right outside the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower.

The riddle talks about a’spring high in the sky’ as well as ‘rings of light.’ To finish this quest, you must first use the Skyview Tower to get into the air. At the highest point of the launch, look down for a sky island with a big pond on it. It will be close. Visit this island.

Here, you’ll find a Zonai platform. Talk to it, and you’ll be directed to the initial light ring, which is at the bottom of a steep hill. The goal of this mission is to shield slide lower this hill, dive down to Mount Lanayru and sled down a complicated path with lots of twists and turns.

Put on the sledge shield as well as slide down the hill and through the initial ring of light to start. To shield slide, hold the ZL button to guard, press X as you walk to jump into the air, and press A while you’re in the air. It’s basically a counterattack while in the air.

As soon as you go through the green ring, you’ll see a light flying towards the ground. You’ll need to follow it to the next ring of light, which you’ll have to go through.

The order of the rings of light on the mountain is not too hard to get through; just try to make tight turns as the sledge picks up a lot of speed. After going through a few rings, you’ll see a movie that shows you the Zakusu Shrine.

How To Get To The End Of Zakusu Shrine The Testing Ground:

As with the other Proving Ground shrines, when you enter this one, you will lose all of your items. You’ll only have your skills, hearts, and strength. You also get a long stick, a wooden stick, an old wooden shield, an old wooden bow, and a few arrows when you enter the shrine.

The goal of this shrine aims to remove all of the soldier creations inside and use their weapons as well as parts to get stronger.

There are several Soldier Constructs to beat, with the easy one on the bottom level and the most difficult one on the top. Going level by level is the most effective way to deal with this shrine.

When you go into the actual shrine, you’ll see a rail coming down from the highest point of the shrine. On it, a hooked platform will slide downwards and off the rail into a pit every now and then.

Put this out of your mind for now and go to the back of the shrine. A weak soldier with only a bow has been built here. Use among your wooden firearms to kill it.

Get the dropped Construct Bow as well as combine it with your wooden stick and the Soldier Construct Horn to make a Reaper.

Go to the building in the middle of the shrine that looks like a box and has red lasers blocking the windows. Climb up to the platform, but don’t go through the lasers. Instead, put one of the rockets within your cover and let it explode.

Hold ZL to stop, as well as the rocket will go off, sending you skyward. Drop on top of the structure where you just got the rocket and kill the soldier construct there.

It’s another one that is very weak and has little health. From this vantage point, shoot at the watching construct just above you. If you hit it in the head, it should fall off the platform it’s on, hurting it and putting it on a level at which it’s easier to fight.

This thing will drop a useful Spiky Bat, that’s a good tool, so take it. From here, the deck on the train is the most effective method to get to the highest point in the area.

Utilise Recall on it when it’s at the bottom of the rail to change its path, then jump on it to ride it to the roof. You’ll be next to some fire fruit and across from an army structure.

This structure will be destroyed by two critical hits from Fire Fruit arrows shot from the Construct Bow.

As quickly as you approach the top, be ready to launch a Fire Fruit shot at the Construct nearby. Setting it on fire will incapacitate it for a while, giving you time to hit it with your hands to take away the rest of its strength. The best choice here is the bat with spikes.

Now, look up towards the left of the shrine. This is where the Construct that shoots electricity is. Use long strikes to take it downward, but watch out for the other build, which will be shooting at you.

It’s Not A Good Idea To Fight The Construct At The Exit During Close Combat:

It’s not a good idea to fight the Construct at the exit during close combat. It’s hard to hurt with the tools you have, and it will keep shooting fire from its flame source. Damage it by observing it afar first.

The best way to get rid of the super-strong Construct was to use the Spiky Bat to knock it off the edge. It will take a lot of damage from falling, and you’re going to be ready to fight it within the shrine’s biggest room.

After you beat the thing, you can go to the exit. Before receiving the Blessing of Light, you also get a nice Soldier III Spear from a box.


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