In Pokémon Go, Here’s How To Catch Meltan

In Pokémon Go, Here’s How To Catch Meltan:

In Pokémon Go, you can only find a few mythical Pokémon, & Meltan is among them. It’s a Pokémon that shows up fairly often in the game, however the team behind it only lets it show up during special events.

Meltan won’t show up in the wild in the mobile game. When it does, you ought to get out your way to locate it. There is a certain way to find it. Here’s all you have to know about Meltan in Pokémon Go and how to catch it.

This Pokemon was created exclusively for the mobile app. Trainers won’t be able to catch it in the wild, though. Meltan joining the squad may seem somewhat complicated, but the steps that need to be taken are pretty easy.

What Is Meltan?

Meltan is a mythical Pokemon that is made of steel and may only be captured in Pokemon Go. Meltan can be met in two ways: by having completed the “Let’s Go, Meltan” special research task line or by starting a special item called the Mystery Box.

Meltan Location:

In Pokémon Go, there is only one way to meet Meltan, which is via the Mystery Boxes.

You can sometimes meet this mythical Pokémon outside of Mystery Boxes, like when you get an exclusive reward for doing something unique, like the Let’s Go Collection.

But the best way is to use the mystery boxes, which are only available during special events throughout Pokémon Go and for a limited time.

How To Obtain The Mystery Box:

Compared to the majority of things in Pokemon Go, the Mystery Box can’t be bought in the game’s shop. You must instead move one among your Pokemon from Go to Pokemon Home or Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu. Let’s go and get it, Eevee.

Following the initial transfer, the mystery box would be added to your inventory automatically. But there are a few important restrictions.

After you access the mystery box, this will stay active for 60 minutes. During that time, Meltan will appear on the map. When the time is up, the box would then close, and you’ll have to wait 3 days as well as create another transfer in order to open it again. During special events, the time you have to wait is often shorter.

When Mystery Boxes are active in Pokémon Go, you can get them by sending a Pokémon you capture inside the game to your Pokémon Home account or even a Nintendo Switch with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! installed.

In Pokémon Go, you can choose from any Pokémon you’ve caught. But we suggest some of the ones you used a lot in PvP battles or raids.


Meltan won’t show up in the mobile game Pokémon Go outside of the Mystery Box as well as special challenges. You also can’t trade this Pokémon with anyone else.

How To Make Meltan Shine:

Most shiny Pokemon stay in Pokemon Go after they are introduced, but shiny Meltan only shows up all through special events like the Pokemon TCG crossover, so don’t miss your chance to catch one while you can.

There’s no real way to make sure you’ll meet a shiny Meltan, so whether or not you do is mostly up to chance. The most effective method for discovering a particular one is to access the mystery box quite so many times as possible during occasion as well as capture every Meltan that comes out. This will make it more likely for you to find a shiny Meltan.

How To Evolve Meltan Into Melmetal

Meltan is different from those other mythical Pokemon in another way: it can evolve. Once you have 400 Meltan candies, you could indeed use them to turn Meltan into Melmetal, a strong steel-type Pokemon.

This evolution can only happen in Pokemon Go, so if you are interested in employing melt metal in other Pokemon games like sword & shield, you’ll have to evolve Meltan first.

Because Meltan needs so many candies to evolve, you’ll need to capture as many of them that you can while the Mystery Box is open.

You can get the most candy from a wild Meltan if you feed it a Pinap Berry before you catch it. You can also speed up the process by melting down any rare candies you have.

Finest Moves For Melmetal:

Hyper Beam is Melmetal’s best charged attack because it does its most damage for every second. Flash Cannon, which is a steel-type move, is another good choice. The attack gives Melmetal a bonus to attacks of the same type, but it requires more time to charge up than Hyper Beam.


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