IGTV – Instagram Taking over Youtube ?

The tech world is very dynamic. Day in day out new startups are coming into existence. Similarly, that applies to applications. The existing applications are also witnessing getting new features to enhance their functionality.

Instagram is an application convinced that it has not reached its greatest potential. Recently, Instagram launched undoubtedly the best feature ever, IGTV. This separate mobile application allows people to watch videos usually up for an hour.

IGTV Benefits

Separate app

The IGTV separate app features some of the most long-form vertical videos.
From it, you can watch the most recent videos from your favorite socialites like Kim Kardashian. Furthermore, you can enjoy some of the greatest works from Instagram Creators.

At least an hour-long video

One hour of watching your favorite reality Tv show is something to smile about. IGTV efficiently offers that provision. Get to watch the latest lifestyle of Selena Gomes and learn of all her trending news. Besides, you can learn of some strange personalities, for instance, popular pets who Instagram is their home.

The various channels

This feature allows you to identify with different content from Instagram creators. With IGTV, channels are basically Instagram creators. To view their videos, you simply have to follow them. Furthermore, you can also create your own channel by uploading videos.
Definitely, it must be something you will enjoy doing.

Vertical and Full screen

This provision makes using your phone to watch videos very easy. No doubt this is a place where Instagram deserves a pat on the back. No need of trying to slant your phone for a nice position to view the videos. Enjoy the long one-hour videos using IGTV. The videos automatically open once you access the app.

No commercial breaks

Sometimes if not all, commercial breaks are kind of a nuisance. Especially when several apps pop up while in the middle of an enticing video. Fortunately, IGTV does not have these disturbing breaks. You can enjoy watching the video for the set period of time. Unquestionably, it is something to smile about.

Instagram related news

Apart from IGTV, Instagram has really done a commendable job in upgrading its app. The new features are dedicated to enhancing the experience of Instagram users and creators.
In order to serve their customers better, Instagram rolled out some features such as the following:

Instagram Followers

In order to get big on instagram you will need to get followers. If you want to play with IGTV or just be next instagram influencer you will need a big following. Easy way to get some followers is IGBuddy. IGbuddy can provide you with free followers and likes with the help of their sponsors.

Instagram Stories

Every Instagram user highly regards this feature. It allows every user to update their status by either videos or photos. You can also look at other userĂ­s stories and get to know what is popping. This feature is simply amazing.

Instagram live chat

You can facilitate a tutorial by using this feature. It allows your followers to join you in a live chat as you talk out an issue at hand. Celebrities usually, use this feature to do some flossing and also connect with their fans.


Instagram like any other social media platform enhances communication. But we cannot disregard that Instagram is very special in its own kind. No wonder many celebrities prefer it over other social media accounts. Recently, Instagram did launch IGTV, possibly the best application and feature ever of watching videos.


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