Best Order Management Software for Wholesalers

Inventory management is a lot more than just keeping track of your current inventory and sales; it has to deal with keeping track of all expenses that you had incurred and current and forecasted expenses as well.

Emerge App

Keeping track of all these can provide you with a comprehensive picture of your company and even help highlight issues that need to be tackled. But doing it on your own can be time consuming which is why you may want to opt for a comprehensive Best Order Management Software like EMERGE App.

With EMERGE App, you should get a handle and manage efficiently multiple channels such as inventory production, sales, purchasing, marketing and more, all at once. EMERGE App comes with several advantages, check out the same, listed below

Quick access and flexibility for drop shippers: If you deal with online purchase and sales of various goods and in bulk, then you’ll find emerge the right inventory management app to utilize for the same.

It’s drop shipping feature provides you with quick access to multiple channels, allows for online access, purchase and fulfillment of orders through the same app. Since all the information is centralized, this provides you with immediate access and control over your products and your business, where you can locate any information you need, instantly.

Actual and physical inventory management: Handing inventory for a large store can be a cumbersome task. But with EMERGE App, you should be able to get an accurate inventory of your stocks, as the app streamlines the information, and matches it up to the sales and provides you with accurate information on what’s left.

Integrated accounting functionality: The neat thing about this app is that it comes with integrated accounting functionality along with invoice generation, currency reporting, payment tracking, as well as customer account statement, debit and credit, and pretty much all the info you need for accounting.

Manage order processing from quote to cash: Micro managing various facets of your business allows you to focus on the core of your business and enables you to become more competitive in the process. 

Emerge comes with a B2B business platform and enables you to customize products as per your client’s preference.  You can use the app to set up tiered pricing for the preferential customers, and even set up discounted rates for certain products. Moreover, with this app, you can create product catalogs, generate quotes for customers in an instant and turn your quotations and sales orders into a PDF.

Signing up

The sign up process is quite simple; once you have submitted your company name and your email id, you are then invited to create a sub domain for your business as well as other pertinent information as it relates to your business. The app comes with easy to understand instructions and once you have installed the app, you can open the app and complete your registration. 

EMERGE App comes with a clean structured layout and you would be asked to complete additional information regarding your company, from details on products to various services along with information on suppliers. You can also set up certain price lists and even import data to your app with ease. The main area of your app should list information on various buyers, suppliers and even provides you with information on raw products and much more.

With this app, you should be able to streamline your business operations, and develop it further. This app makes it possible for you to compete with others and take them head on. This app is handy for businesses of all size and shapes and as such, it should enable you to regain your competitive edge as far as your business is concerned.


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