How To Win Within Street Fighter 6 Against Drive Impact

How To Win Within Street Fighter 6 Against Drive Impact?

Within Street Fighter 6, the Drive System was a way to fight that is built on a super-meter and lets you use new special strikes but limits your ability to dodge. By using this method.

Each person has six energy bars that are filled up by timed hits, blocks, or by the game itself. And when these bars are empty, enemies can hit them harder and take more HP from them.

The Drive Impact system is one of the most important new features in Street Fighter 6. With this new way to attack, you can do a lot of new things.

If your opponent keeps hitting you over and over, use Drive Impact. Drive Impact if you’ve got them cornered. Have they just run out of power? You can be sure that Drive Impact is in the back.

The Drive Impact was a strong new feature in Street Fighter 6 that can counter enemy strikes or punish gamers who enjoy hitting the wall within the corner.

Within Street Fighter 6, there are ways to beat an opponent’s Drive Impact, especially if you can figure out what they’re going to do next. If you counter their counter, you can then hit them hard with your own attacks.

But, like all strong systems, Drive Impact could prove hard to handle, especially for younger players who don’t fully understand how the other systems in Street Fighter 6 work.

This is normal, and this guide will show you how to handle this strong attack better and, even better, how to stop it.

How Does Drive Impact Work?

The player can use Drive Impact whenever a fighter was standing up with both feet firmly on the ground by pressing HP and HK at the same time.

Drive Impact costs a single bar of the Drive Meter to turn on. Drive Impact can block two regular strikes or special moves when it first starts up. A third hit will break the armor and stop Drive Impact. What happens when Drive Impact hits relies upon what your opponent does.

If your opponent doesn’t do anything, DI will hurt them and push them back. If they stumble into the final section of the stage while going backward, they’ll get a “wall splat,” which lets you hit them again.

If your opponent blocks, you will just push them backward. But even if they were blocking, they will continue to wall splat if they hit the finish line of the stage. If your opponent Parries, the DI won’t do much and will only cause a small amount of pushback.

If, on the other hand, your opponent is doing a move that isn’t a Super, the DI will knock them out and put them in a “crumple” state, granting you a free combo.

This is probably the best thing that can happen when you use a DI, because it may transform a bad situation into a big chance to win.

How To Drive Impact Backwards Within Street Fighter 6?

Drive Impact was a very strong move that costs very little to use and can be used at any time. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any risks.

In fact, Drive Impact constitutes one of the most dangerous moves in the game because it can go wrong in so many ways, especially if players use it without thought.

You continue to be careful, though, because there are many times when stopping Drive Impact won’t work because you put yourself within a bad position. Recovering frames is the biggest one. Here are some ideas to help you deal with the effects of driving.


The best way to fight back is to just stand still and Block. You won’t get hurt, but you will be pushed backwards. Most of the time, this is fine, but it pushes you towards a barrier, which isn’t the most beneficial place to reside.

Also, if you Block close enough to the wall, you can bounce off it and leave yourself open to a free combo. Even though it has some drawbacks, Blocking is a good way to stop Drive Impact from bullying you, as long as you use it carefully.

Drive Pitch:

Drive-Parry is similar to Block, but it is better. Not only can you remain stationary after Parrying, but Drive Impact takes a long time to recover, so you can start your own attack.

If you get a Perfect Parry, you’re in an even better position and can do even better combos, Supers, or Command Throws.

We don’t suggest parrying because you might tangle up the time, which makes it risky. If you mess up, this will place you in a state called “Block,” which will keep you safe.

Rapid Hits:

Drive Impact possesses a lot of protection, but not endless protection. For each level of protection a Move has, it may suffer one hit before the attack is stopped.

This is what Drive Impact is all about. You should use it against people who use slow, risky attacks, since armour will protect them from it. But Drive Impact can’t handle a bunch of quick hits at once.

This makes spamming Light punches, kicks, and Special Moves very weak. E. The Hundred Hand Slap by Honda, the Lightning Kicks by Chun Li, the Spiral Arrow by Cammy, etc.

If you are able to dish off a lot of quick moves, you may halt Drive Impact as well as punish your opponent for trying it.

There are some risks. First, Drive Impact is slow, yet not that slow. If you don’t respond right away with a bunch of quick hits, you will be punished very badly.

Second, a lot of special strikes are too slow for being good counters. Most likely, you’ll accidentally block Drive Impact with them, which isn’t a good way to build your defence.


A Throw, on the other hand, is another way to get around protection. Drive Impact has a close-range move that takes a long time to charge up. There is more than sufficient time to shimmy as well as dash in order to do a cheeky Throw.

This will do extra damage because it counts as a Punishment Counter. This is greater if your character is capable of Command Grab, which usually does more damage. In particular, Zangief and Manon love to slam Drive Impact scammers.

You may additionally employ Drive Rush to quickly close the gap and then cancel that into your chosen grab.

Honda players should know that Oicho Throw can be easily cancelled from Drive Rush as well as is one of the best ways to defend against Drive Impact. With OD Oicho Throw, it is even better.


This may seem silly, but you can actually just skip over Drive Impact. It’s fine to neutral jump that the right time, but it’s usually better to jump over your opponent.

This lets you hit as soon as Drive Impact ends, as well as since it takes a long time to heal, your opponent won’t be able to do much to stop you.

Breakers Of Armour And Armour:

Drive Impact can be stopped by strikes that break shields, but there aren’t many of them in the game. Marisa is an excellent instance of this, since she is privy to each of these techniques.

You don’t have to try to quickly slap your way out of danger. Instead, you can punch through the Drive Impact to send them flying.

If you get protection again, you can look at Marisa or Zangief, for example, and then use the Drive Impact hit as well as counter from there. Drive Impact does one blow, which doesn’t matter much if you have any protection at all. Tank the hit and hit them in the behind. Easy.

Make An Impact:

One of the most fun ways to deal with Drive Impact is to use Drive Impact yourself. If you time it right, the action will slow downward, you will receive their Drive Impact, before you can hit them with your own.

This leaves them open to a brutal response, which can quickly change the course of the fight. One of the main reasons you shouldn’t just repeat Drive Impact is because raw Drive Impact was very easy to punish.

But you still need pretty quick reactions to be able to do it. If you keep pressing buttons, you could miss your chance to avoid being slammed.


You can’t always make a difference. You might be in the middle of a combo, or you might have run out of fuel. Drive Gauge. In either case, Super, you have one more way to protect yourself.

Drive Impact is a good card, but it falls to a Super, particularly when you throw out a Level 3. Drive Impact loses because the characters are stuck in a long motion as well as most Supers had some kind of invulnerability.

You need the measure to operate Super and the speed and typing skill to generate it out of nothing, but it’s one of the most effective ways to stop Drive Impact.

It’s also safe because your opponent will try to Drive Impact if you’re near a turn or in Burnout. If you keep an eye out for it so that others see it, you can stop it from making them hurt.

How To Do Well Drive Change:

The most basic Drive act you can do is a Drive Impact, which costs one Drive Gauge bar. When an opponent starts an attack or there is a small pause in the middle, hit R1+R2 on PS4 as well as PS5 or RB+RT upon Xbox Series X or S to do it.

Modern controls only need you to press L1/LB, but you should stop doing that right away. Find out more about why in our helpful guide.

When you hit an opponent with Drive Impact, they are stunned for a short time. Then you can say anything else. Do a chain, an Overdrive, a throw, or anything else.

When a rival jumps in to attack, Drive Impact is especially useful. Even though an anti-air is better, the window via a good Drive Impact is additionally nice, and it keeps your opponent from knowing what you’re going to do.

For example, if they’re playing as Cammy, they might wait for your anti-air then do a Cannon Spike while they’re in the air. With Drive Impact, you are able to absorb the damage from the Special Move and make an opening or knock them back if you don’t.

Drive Impact can be stopped, but it also does something else near walls. If you use it on a nearby enemy who is blocking, they will fall against the wall and be open to your attacks.

Drive Impact doesn’t make you unbeatable, though. If your opponent does enough damage, they may cut through your “armour” and leave you open to attack. They can also throw while Drive Impact gets ready to happen. Be wary not to use Drive Impact too often in the same way.


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