How To Unlock Colors In Street Fighter 6

How To Unlock Colors In Street Fighter 6:

Street Fighter 6 has 18 main fighters as well as 126 outfit colors, so it’s easy to turn it into a fashion show with a martial arts theme. Characters such as Manon and Marisa, who are fashionistas, are now in the game.

They urge players to change their clothes, try out novel looks, and become moreĀ  about how they match colors. But it also looks like some players need a fashion rescue because it’s hard to get outfit choices unlocked.

To help you do that, this guide goes over every way to get colors and gives tips on how to save SF6 currencies while you’re getting them. Since the beginning, Street Fighter games have always had different styles and outfits.

Fans have been wondering if the ways to get these cosmetic things would change a lot now that Street Fighter 6’s famous 1v1 fighting style is more focused on online play.

Now that the new game is finally out, there are some important things to think about if you want to unlock new outfits for your favourite heroes.

In Street Fighter 6, you may alter the color of a character by switching the tab that shows up when you click upon a fighter within the Character Choice screen.

You can also change the character’s outfit here. However, just like with the colors, you probably won’t be able to get more clothes unless you pay real money or play the World Tour mode a lot.

How To Get Access To More Colors:

Within Street Fighter six, you can buy new costumes in the game’s shop or get them for free within World Tour mode.

Every fighter within the game as well as your custom figure will be given access to a wide range of color schemes that can be used to change the shades and a variety of their costumes as well as clothes. This gives you a lot of ways to create your own unique style.

To buy a color, you’ll need either 1000 Drive Tickets as well as 50 Fighter Coins, with the latter being the special coin you’ll need to pay for. But if you don’t know how to obtain Drive Tokens within Street Fighter 6, we have another guide for you.

It’s also worth remembering that if you buy the Deluxe as well as Ultimate versions of the game, some themes and outfits will already be unlocked for you. But the system works somewhat differently when you are in World Tour mode.

You can get dyes by breaking open things that can be broken or by beating low-level enemies surrounding the world. If you get enough of these, you can change the look of your character while you’re out in the open world.

How To Put Colors Together:

To change your present colors and add an additional one, click upon a character within the character pick screen and switch to the page for color customizing.

You can change the fundamental color of your clothes in World Tour mode by going to a Body Shop and using a few of the dyes you’ve gathered.

That’s how to get new costumes within Street Fighter 6, both for the World Tour mode as well as the rest of the game. But if you’re working to unlock colors, you should check to see if Street Fighter 6, for example, has cross-progression if you’ve got it on more than one device.

How To Acquire Colors Upon The World Tour:

Avatar outfit colors are free of microtransactions. Players may acquire new colors as well as patterns in the World Tour game by collecting dyes. Dyes are dropped by enemies and given out in loot boxes. They can be used in Apparel Stores to change how a player looks.

It’s essential to know that each Avatar color is made by mixing colors from different bottles. To get the color they want, they have to use the right materials. For example, to make an orange outfit, players need to find yellow and red paints and blend them together.


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