How To Finish Mayamats Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish Mayamats Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has an uncountable number of interesting side quests, caves, and, most importantly, shrines.

After getting good feedback in Breath of the Wild, shrines are returning within Tears of the Kingdom along with fresh puzzles as well as lots of prizes.

A Route for a Ball, which is part of Tears of the Kingdom’s Mayamats Shrine, is not easy to figure out how to do. But the shrines in TotK are a great place to learn how to use some of the game’s features.

You may be stuck on some problems because you aren’t employing a Zonai gadget or a power properly, or at least rather than to their best potential.

Using your Ascend, Ultra-hand, as well as Recall skills well is tested in Mayamats Shrine in particular. This new pinball game also makes you think outside the box.

One of the 152 shrines in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is called Mayamats Shrine. The shrine is located in the Gerudo Highlands, which makes it pretty easy to find. But the unique problems inside are what really make it hard.

Link needs to know how to use several of his special skills well in order to get through and finish this shrine. Here is a full guide on how to find the Mayamats Shrine and solve its mysteries in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where Is The Mayamats Shrine?

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you can find the Mayamats Shrine by going to the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower, which is at (-3959, -1313, 0422) in the Gerudo Highlands.

From there, jump into the air and fly west towards Rutimala Hill, which is a rock near where the skyview tower is on Meadela’s Mantle. To get to the shrine safely, you need to have clothes that can stand up to the cold.

As you fly from the Skyview Tower, you’ll be able to see the Mayamats Shrine on the hill at (-4637, -1514, 0452). Even though you can walk to the shrine, it’s much simpler and more convenient to glide there.

The Mayamats Shrine Answer:

Mayamats Shrine is about using Ultra-hand and balls to solve a number of problems, just like the ‘A Route for a Ball’ task says.

When you get to the bottom of the steps into Mayamats Shrine, you’ll see a bowl for a ball on your left and the exit right in front of you. But there’s nothing you can do about it yet.

Step Into Nook Below:

Turn to the left and make use of the air ducts to paraglide up to the following level. Take a left turn to find an object on a high shelf. Step into the nook below it and make use of Ascend to hop up to the sphere. Grab it with your Ultra-hand and put it on the ground.

Bring the ball back to where you came and put it in the left hole. Hop over the ball to get to the chest and use the Large Zonai Charge on the other side. If you’re having trouble, you may make crossing easier by using Ultra-hand and Recall.

Drop The Ball Inside The Tube:

Move the ball to the right more. There is a funnel-shaped hole in the wall at the top of a vertical tunnel. Drop the ball into the tube, and then employ Ascend to climb up via it.

In the following area, you’ll see a smaller object rolling across some steps on the wall in front of you from left to right. Use Recall to stop the ball upon the left ramp from moving.

To Stop Ball Moving Use Recall Skill:

Let it move back a bit, and then use your Recall skill again. This will stop the ball’s motion, causing it to fall onto the rails beneath the gap.

Bring the smaller ball back to connect it to the bigger one. Bring the two of them back towards the rails that lead down to the beginning of the shrine. Put the bigger one on the rail as well as let it roll down, taking the smaller one with it.

Follow the balls and the tracks as you paraglide down to miss the air vent. Unstick the smaller ball from the bigger one and put it in the bowl by the escape gate. Get your Star of Blessing by going through the gate.

Mayamats’s Shrine Payoffs:

Once you leave through the statue’s gate, you’ll get the usual shrine prize, which adds up to A Large Zonai Charge for this shrine A Blessing of Light.


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