How To Obtain Fuses In Dead Island 2

How To Obtain Fuses In Dead Island 2:

In Dead Island 2, you will explore a Los Angeles full of zombies as you move through a number of different places. When you’re exploring, you might find locked doors which are controlled by a fuse box. However, these boxes don’t work yet because they’re missing a fuse.

You’ll desire to make sure you get into these places because they usually have strong-tier gear that will help you survive better when you’re fighting the walking dead.

But it can be hard to get a spark because you won’t find them when you’re searching for goods. Here’s what you have to know about getting fuses inside Dead Island 2.

Fuse Are Special Thin g In Dead Island 2:

In Dead Island 2, fuses are special things that you need to open hidden stashes of weapons as well as materials that can assist you battle to survive out of Hell.

You might have found a few closed doors with an unused fuse box close to them while wandering the looted houses as well as zombie-filled roadways of the area.

In Dead Island 2 There Are A Lot Of Secret Things To Find And Fuses Are One Of Them:

during Dead Island 2, there are a lot of secret things and prizes to find, such as fuses. During your trip through Hell-A to kill zombies, you’ll find open switch boxes next to locked doors.

Where The Dead Island 2 Fuse Is:

When you come throughout a fuse box in Dead Island 2 that needs a new fuse, you might think that one is lying around nearby. That’s not true, though, because the only way to get Fuses is to spend some of the money you’ve saved up.

You can buy fuses from the sellers you meet as you progress through the game. You can talk to sellers all over the world to buy new guns and blueprints or to sell your old gear or resources.

The Best Way To Obtain The Fuses Box Inside Dead Island 2:

You’ll also get most of your fuses from these traders. Each fuse costs $1,500, and you are able to carry up to three of them at once.

Before you proceed back out to kill zombies, you should definitely stock up on these. As Well As if you ever run out, all you have to do is go back to a seller and buy another batch.

What Does A Dead Island 2 Fuse Box Do?

If you want to get higher-tier guns, you should definitely use a switch on a fuse box.

There will be important things in a special box in these rooms, but be careful many of the places we’ve been were traps. You’ll get something lovely for your work if you escape the obstacles or handle whatever is inside.

Most of the time, you’ll find these sellers near Dead Island 2 quick getaway spots. However, there are a few that you can find “in the wild.” We bought fuses from people who sold them in the following places.

  • Beverly Hills: Roxanne’s House – Roger
  • Beverly Hills: Red House on north side – Francesca
  • Bel-Air: Emma’s Mansion – Carlos
  • Hollywood Boulevard: Re-Aging Clinic – Todd
  • The Pier: Lifeguard HQ – Ezekiel
  • Venice Beach: Blue Crab Grill – Kai
  • Venice Beach: The Tower – W.O. Rodriguez
  • Ocean Avenue: Serling Hotel – Dougie

What You Obtain If You Use Fuse To Open Locked Rooms:

Within the locked rooms that you can open with fuses, you’ll discover a lot of making materials, cash, as well as finest of all, a chest with a weapon in it.

Even though most weapon drops within the game have random, the weapons in these boxes, called “Zomproof Slayer Hoards” not to be confused with “hordes of slaying zombies”, are usually better and worth more than weapons you find sitting around the world.

Watch Out For Tripwires In Locked Rooms:

These rooms are often set up with traps, but it’s easy to tell when they are because tripwires run in different directions across the room.

You may either eliminate these tripwires from a distance that’s secure or draw zombies near them and send them to the traps in order to empty the room for you.

Here Are A Few Tips That Might Help You Win:

  • Stock up on fuses immediately as Carlos in Emma’s Mansion lets you buy them. So, when you run across fuse boxes that require to be fixed, you’ll have some on hand. Remember, if you run out, you can always go back to Carlos to get more. See our movie below for more advice.
  • If you purchase all of Carlos’s fuses, don’t worry. He will get more later. If you can pay for it, keep coming back for more.
  • There are a total of 24 story quests, which gives you plenty of chances to get fuses.
  • When the chaos dies down, you’ll be left with a nice room full of loot. As long as you keep a good supply of fuses, you’ll be able to open many more rooms like this as you play.


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