How To Locate A Nitro Drifter In Chapter 4 Of Season 2 Of Fortnite

How To Locate A Nitro Drifter In Chapter 4 Of Season 2 Of Fortnite:

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has included a batch of new vehicles and weapons in the battle royale, but the most useful of them all may just be the Nitro Drifter. This one-of-a-kind car lets its driver quickly drift and avoid attacks. If they do this successfully, they get a quick speed boost.

Better yet, the ride is also connected to a weekly task, so expect to get XP fairly soon after finding it. Here are the places in Fortnite where you can find Nitro Drifters.

How To Obtain A Nitro Drifter:

Nitro Drifters primarily generate in the Japanese-themed biome in the bottom-right corner of the map & differ from Prevalent cars by sporting multi-color paint coatings.

Then, you can go to Mega City, Slappy Shores, or Steamy Springs to find more of that vehicle. But, as shown below, they also rest at the Hitches & Ditches, Fallow Fuel, & Slap N’ Go gas stations, which are outside the biome.

Once you’ve gained sufficient speed with Nitro Drifter, Then you can drift using the exact same button you switch firearms with, which should outcome in a small boost.


However, we recommend destroying items when drifting, because it’s portion of a weekly task that will prize you with such a sweet 15,000 XP bonus. The car can only go so far before it runs out of gas, so it might be best to fill up at a gas station before going on a long trip just for fun.

You Can Also Find Some Rogue Bike In This Japanese Themed Biome

Players may also find several Rogue Bikes in the Japanese biome. Rogue Bikes are a type of vehicle that may be faster than the Nitro Drifter. This ride also has a few challenges that are specific to it.

Understand With An Example:

For example, in the first few weeks of the season, players have to get air time on it and ride it to Drift Ridge, Fallow Fuel, & Neon Bay Bridge.

How Can You Complete Weekly Task:

How To Drift With The Nitro Drifts To complete the weekly task, you need to decimate 25 items by drifting in a Nitro Drift vehicle. When you get into your Nitro Drift in Fortnite, you have to pay attention to the driving instructions that show up on the left side of the screen.

How To Drift:

At the top of a list here, you ought to find a prompt or an authority for ‘Drift’. Speed up forward into your target, and after that turn the vehicle while holding down this command as well as point the back of the Nitro Drift just at item.

How To Destroy Any Target:

When you use the “drift” command, you want the back of the vehicle to crash into the target and destroy it. We found that it was easiest to go after the wooden fences round the Frenzy Fields because they were easy to destroy and there were a lot of them throughout a small area.


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