How To Farm The Chaos Device In Genshin Impact

How To Farm The Chaos Device In Genshin Impact:

In Genshin Impact, you’ll need a lot of things to level up your characters and weapons. That means it’s never too soon to stock up on useful resources, & luckily, many of them can be grown in all parts of Teyvat.

For example, you need Chaos Devices to level up most weapons in the game, so it’s a good idea to get them early. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best places in Genshin Impact to farm Chaos Devices.

In Genshin Impact, a Chaos Gadget is an item that can be used to level up a character or a weapon. Here is everything you need to know about these common ascension materials, including where to farm them, how to craft them, and which character or weapon they are used for.

Where To Locate Chaos Device:

Ruin Guardians, which look like people, drop Chaos Devices when they are killed. These are Elite level enemies, so that you have to be prepared for a fight when you challenge them. If you are looking for a Chaos Device, you will probably run into one of three kinds.

Ruin Grader, Ruin Guard, & Ruin Hunter. Fortunately, you can locate them all over Teyvat, with certain spots for each region having extra of them in the vicinity, making them more suitable for farming.


In Mondstadt, there are two places where you can find Ruin Guardians. There are a couple of them patrolling close Stormt-error’s Lair & Brightwater Canyon in the western part of the region.

In the east, you can find another group spread out between Storm bearer Point & Starsnatch Cliff. There is a bit of distance between these, though.


Some of the best places to farm Chaos Devices are in Liyue. Outside of Dunyu Ruins, there are a fair number of Ruin Guardians that a strong group can take care of.

Similarly, the Guyun Stone Forest archipelago is another place with a good concentration of enemies as well. At last, if you travel north from Cuijue Slope to Bishui Plain, you would be able to take many more Ruin Guardians one after another.


On the islands of Inazuma, there is only one place with a few Ruin Guardians. They live in Araumi, which is in the north of Narukami Island.


There are a lot of Ruin Guardians on Sumeru, but they are spread out. However, the best spot to farm them is around the Ruins of Dahri, where there’s a better concentration of them. On the other hand, there are a lot of them near the base of Mt.

Damavand, but also be aware that this route can take a lot of time. Still, if you follow that path, there are around a dozen Guardians to destroy for loot, and it might be well worth it.

What Really Is Chaos Device Used For:

You will have to gather Chaos Devices to move up many firearms in Genshin Impact. There are 21 weapons in total that require them, ranging across all rarities. The most important thing about this is that it comes with five 5-Star weapons and ten 4-Star weapons.

List Of All 20 Weapon:

No. Wepon Name
1 Amos’ Bow
2 Freedom-Sworn
3 Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
4 Skyward Spine
5 Wolf’s Gravestone
6 Alley Hunter
7 Cinnabar Spindle
8 Favonius Greatsword
9 Favonius Lance
10 Favonius Warbow
11 Frostbearer
12 Royal Bow
13 Royal Greatsword
14 Sacrificial Fragments
15 Sacrificial Sword
16 Otherworldly Story
17 Traveler’s Handy Sword
18 White Iron Greatsword
19 Iron Point
20 Beginner’s Protector


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