How To Get To Gerudo Town In The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

How To Get To Gerudo Town In The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild:

To get to Gerudo Town, you’ll have to finish the main story quest “Entering the Forbidden City.” Find a non-player character named Benja right outside the walls as well as talk to him to get the quest. He will say that he has seen a man sneak into town to discover him.

Players can travel a huge open world in Breath of the Wild, fight scary monsters, and learn how to cross-dress. Yes, if you’re playing as Link, you’ll need to change into something more girly if you’re hoping to get past the guards at Gerudo Town’s door.

It looks like the Gerudo have learned from a certain British spy and now say that the only way to get into their city is to dress as a woman. But don’t worry, Link is a man with many skills, and with a little help, he’ll be shimmying into his Gerudo outfit within no time.

You can find the inn by heading northeast to Kara Kara Bazaar. Then, use the stairs to get up to the roof, where you’ll find a man dressed like a Gerudo. They will sell you the set, which includes the Gerudo Veil, Top, as well as Sirwal, for 600 rupees.

Getting Into Gerudo Town:

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you have to dress up as a Gerudo woman to get into Gerudo Town.

The city is in the southwest part of the map, and only people who live there can go there. Guards at the city walls will not let anyone in who doesn’t meet the entry standards.

Where To Find Costumes For Gerudo:

To get past the guards, players should go to the Kara Kara Bazaar northeast of Gerudo Town. A man there will inform Links about someone who tricked the guards and subsequently point him in the direction of a woman who provides Gerudo clothes.

Link can buy a copy of the Gerudo outfit for 600 rupees from the woman. Doesn’t he look cute? Link can go into Gerudo Town if he is dressed as a Gerudo.

The city is one of the more exciting places in Breath of the Wild because it is full of new tasks and side quests. You also have to go to Gerudo Town to beat Vah Naboris, who is one of the game’s important bosses.

Gerudo women are the only ones who can go into Geruda Town. Guards will stop you from getting in if you try to get in without the outfit.

It’s also important to note that players can’t buy the Gerudo costume until they accept Impa’s holy beast quest within Kakariko Village. This means that new players might not be able to get it right away.

How To Get Into Gerudo’s Hidden Club:

In Breath of the Wild, Gerudo’s secret club is very popular because it has outfits that can’t be found anywhere else. But you can’t get into the club unless you know the secret.

To get the secret, players have to wait until dark and then proceed to the house close the bar. If they get close to the window when a girl comes in, they may hear her repeat the code. Players can get into the secret club once they know the password.


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