All Of Breath Of The Wild’s Memory Spots

All Of Breath Of The Wild’s Memory Spots:

You’ve killed lynels, tamed stallions, as well as collected a lot of Korok seeds in Breath of the Wild. But now it’s time to find out what happened in the past and what lies led to the disaster.

The Captured Memories quest is one of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s most interesting but also most time-consuming side tasks.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild feels like a huge open-world journey. It’s easy to spend hours just walking around and discovering without making any progress in the story.

But most of the adventure will probably be spent catching animals, finding shrines, and getting the best loot. There are, however, some important plot points to find, and many of them are completely optional, just like the rest of this amazing journey.

Each memory is linked to a picture taken before Hyrule fell, and if you go to the spot marked by a ghostly glow, you’ll see a story from 100 years ago about the final failed attempt to catch Calamity Ganon.

Still, it’s such a useful quest that we almost don’t want to call it “side content.” We went up in opposition to Ganon without doing this first, so we know it completely changes the game.

Players have to employ their skills to figure out where each of the 12 lost memories is on the map of Breath of the Wild. Only then can they finish the task.

Guide To Captured Memories:

To begin the Breath of the Wild: Captured Memories quest, players must talk to Impa in the town of Kakariko. Then, she will tell them to find the memories shown in the photos within the Sheikah stone photograph book.

When the player had each of the twelve memories, they will receive the powerful tunic of their choice and be able to see how the game really ends.

Where To Find All The Memories:

Memory No. Location
1 Memory 1 can be found at the ceremonial altar, located south of the Breath of the Wild’s Sacred Ground Ruins. Next, players need to look for a glow on the ground, which will activate the cinematic memory.
2 Memory 2 is located near Lake Kolomo, in the wooded area to the left of the path leading to it.
3 Memory 3 can be found in the western area of Hyrule after crossing the Tabantha Great Bridge. It is in the area of the Ancient Columns.
4 Memory 4 is on the road to Gerudo in the map’s southwest. Players need to look for it in a wooded area at the height of the rocky North Pass.
5 Memory 5 is located near the center of Hyrule, pulling towards the area of Eldin, between the Forest Minsh and the Gorobi River.
6 Memory 6 is found near the center of Hyrule, towards the northwest, in a small lake near the Irch Plain.
7 Memory 7 is located in the southern part of the map, going from the center of Hyrule towards Farone, between Deya Village and the Hylia River.
8 Memory 8 is inside the castle, between Princess Zelda’s room and study. Players should leave this one for the final stretch, which can be challenging.
9 Memory 9 can be found in Akkala, in the Spring of Power.
10 Memory 10 is located west of Hyrule Center in the Sanadin Park Ruins.
11 Memory 11 is in Lanayru, in the map’s east zone of the map, in the east pass.
12 Memory 12 can be found in the southwest of the center of Hyrule, north of the Abyss Swamp.
13 To find Memory 13, players must have found the other 12 memories and then spoken to Impa in Kakariko village. She will show them a picture on the wall, and Breath of the Wild players will need to find the location depicted in the picture to activate the cinematic memory.


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