How To Get The Rarest Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV

How To Get The Rarest Mounts In Final Fantasy XIV:

There are a lot of different mounts to collect in Final Fantasy XIV. These mounts can be found in many different types of content. In FFXIV, there are many mounts that are easy to get.

However, if you have the patience and the time to grind thru the crazy achievement requirements, you can get some truly rare mounts. In a game like Final Fantasy 14, there are so many things you can do.

You can do everything from run dungeons and trials to complete quests for beast tribes, but showing off your hard-earned mounts has to be the best thing. It’s not unusual for other players to have a contest to see whose mount is better.

Magitek Avenger A-1 Mount:

The Magitek Avenger A-1 Mount is a white machine that looks like a gorilla and holds the player in its arms. This mount also comes in different styles, but it takes a lot of work to get.

To add it to a player’s collection, they must finish the Out of Hiding achievement, which needs the character to win 100 Hidden Gorge campaigns. This is another PvP arena where teams try to destroy the core of the other team.


This mount is on this list because it can take a long time to get. Getting Nightmare isn’t hard in and of itself, but the length of the process is. drops from The Bowl of Embers extreme, The Howling Eye extreme, or The Navel extreme.

The Nightmare Whistle can be gotten in the same way by raising ponies, but it doesn’t drop very often. This could be a lengthy process for it to drop. Some people have played for years and only heard the whistle once or two times.

Roulette Mount:

The Blackjack mount is a huge blimp that can be bought at the Gold Saucer for a whopping 4 million MGP coins. This seems crazy, but Square Enix made sure it stood out from the cheaper mounts by letting up to four of your friends ride with you.

Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to fly high with their friends in a big blimp? You can buy this mount in Thanalan at the Manderville Gold Saucer.

More specifically, you can talk to the Golden Saucer Helper at Entry gate Square in the Manderville Gold Saucer (X:5.1, Y:6.7) and discover the mount in the section called Prize Exchange III. But it takes a long time to get four million MGP.

Mount Centurio Tiger:

In Storm-blood, the Centurio Tiger mount was added, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get now. In The Hunt, the player must defeat 3,000 A-rank bosses as well as 2,000 S-rank bosses as part of the You Got Game achievement in order to get this red-eyed cat. This is a huge accomplishment, since these mobs don’t show up very often.

Mount Astrope:

In Final Fantasy XIV, the Astrope Mount is a winged unicorn that is a physical representation of patience. To get this mount, players must first meet the requirements to become a mentor as well as open the Mentor Roulette.

Then, they have to get the I Hope Mentor Would then Recognise Me V achievement, which requires completing a whopping 2,000 duties through the Mentor Roulette.

Reticence Is Forgiven:

Sin Eaters are the scary and creepy monsters that make up a lot of the most famous bad guys in Shadow-bringers. So, what good way to make a point than to ride around on one of these horrifying creatures?

You can get Forbidden Reticence if you hunt in Shadow-bringers or Endwalker and earn 3,200 Wolf Marks. It will take a while, but if you keep at it and make sure to kill those weekly hunt targets, you’ll get there soon. If you give these to Xylle in the Crystarium or Ilfoy in Eulmore, you can get this scary thing.


Final Fantasy 14 as well as Monster Hunter: World worked together to give players some great new content. For example, players can now fight a Rathalos and get their own Rathalos as a fresh mount.

The Rathalos mount drops from The Great Hunt Extreme, but this trial is especially hard because it uses Monster Hunter World rules. This means that if you or any of the other three people in your party die more than 3 times, you fail right away. Players should hope that their team is strong enough to keep them alive.

The Landerwaffe:

You’ll have to go through a lot of Extreme Trials to get this crazy cool two-seater mecha-dragon. When you finish all seven of the Shadow Bringers’ hardest trials, you have a small chance of getting a Gwiber mount as a reward.

Once you have all 7¬†Gwiber mounts, you are able to visit The Lochs and accept the quest “The Dragon Made.” From there, you can sit back, enjoy your new dragon, and watch some cutscenes.

The Gwibers are beautiful and sought-after mounts in their own right, but they don’t drop very often, so it can be hard to get one. But now that the level cap in Endwalker is higher, this isn’t nearly as hard as it used to be. If you go into the Extreme Trials without syncing, you can watch your health bars disappear.

Extreme Trial of the Endwalker Lynxes:

As is the norm, each of Endwalker’s extreme trials has its own unique mount. You’ll need practise, teamwork, and determination to go back and fight some of Endwalker’s most famous and exciting bosses.

Be careful, though, because the chances of seeing one of these beautiful lynxes drop are low. You might have to run each Extreme many times before you see one of these sought-after cats drop.

Still, you might be able to get one of these fierce beasts if you discover a dedicated group thru the Party Finder or your own free company.

Black Pegasus:

People who play Final Fantasy 14 know that this mount is almost impossible to get, and there are quite a few good reasons for that. You must first take care of the Palace of the Dead.

Next, you have to make sure you have a fixed party, as well as finally, you have to get to floor 151 for this mount to even be a possibility. People who run Castle to these floors are usually looking for the Night Pegasus Whistle that can drop from the gold-trimmed sacks.

Yeah, you’re right, you’re not even assured the mount. You have to hope you get lucky as well as try again if you don’t.


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