How To Get Phantom Membrane In Minecraft And How To Use It

How To Get Phantom Membrane In Minecraft And How To Use It:

In Minecraft, Phantom Membrane is a unique item that has many uses. Getting this item and using it can make your game better in some ways, therefore you ought to try to get it. This Minecraft tutorial teaches you how to find and use Phantom Membrane.

What Are Phantom Membranes Used For?

In Minecraft, phantom membranes are special items that may be employed in two main ways, to fix Elytra and to make potions that slow down falling. So, for some players, they can be very important. But getting them can be a little hard and annoying.

Finding Phantom Membrane:

Phantom is a type of enemy mob that drops Phantom Membrane. To get the material, you have to kill these things. They don’t always drop one, but the chance is very high, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting Phantom Membrane. Still, they are flying creatures, so you should be careful.

In Minecraft, you have to remain awake for three in-game nights, which is the same as 72 minutes in real life. If you go out at night after doing that, they will probably be looking for you. It’s important to remember that you won’t see these mobs during the day because the sun burns them.

You should get ready with good armor and a weapon, preferably a bow, before you start spawning mobs. With a bow, you ought to be capable of evading the mob’s attacks as well as attack them while they are in the air. You are going to receive the phantom membrane when you kill 3 to 4 of them.

What’s The Point:

Phantom Membrane can be used to repair Elytra or to make Potions of Slow Falling. To fix an Elytra, put it on an anvil with the Phantom Membrane and it should be fixed.

Elytra are things you can use in the game to help you fly, but they wear out over time. Mix the Phantom Membrane with Awkward potion to make the Slow Falling potion. You won’t get hurt when you fall, and you’ll go down slowly.

This item is also capable of working with an awkward potion to make a slow-falling potion. This will make a player fall much more slowly, so they won’t take any damage from falling.

Could Really Cats Offer You Phantom Membranes?

Ghosts can be seen and talked to by some mobs, like cats. When an enemy mob attacks a player, cats usually hiss at them. As a result, phantoms avoid cats.

Because of this link, tamed cats have a small chance of giving these items to players. In general, when a player wakes up from sleep, they give them a few gifts. Phantom membranes have a 3.2% chance of being the gift that a tamed cat gives.


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