How To Get Rarities Recorded In Dredge

How To Get Rarities Recorded In Dredge:

As you go thru the your fishing adventure throughout Dredge, you’ll come across a few side quests. These quests will send you searching for strange fish in unknown waters.

Inside the Recording Rarities mission for the Traveling Merchant, they would then ask you to catch four fish as well as return them to them. Here’s the information you require to know to finish the Dredge quest Recording Rarities:

The Traveling Merchant on the Pontoon gives you the Dredge Recording Rarities Pursuit, which tells you to find four rare and exotic fish the Oarfish, the Gulper Eel, the Goliath Triggerfish, as well as the Coelacanth.

These rare fish are all over the world, and there is one in every place except for the starting point, but it’s hard to find them.

But since there are good rewards for completing this side quest, we set out to discover every Recording Rarities exotic fish position in Dredge so you can get them all yourself.

How To Catch All The Rare Fish For Recording Rarities:

You will need to catch four fish to complete this quest. You need to catch a coelacanth, an oarfish, a gourper eel, and a goliath triggerfish. It’s important to remember that each of these fish needs a different kind of fishing rod.

If you don’t have that kind of fishing rod, you should wait to do this quest. However, knowing where to discover these fish would then help you move forward in the game.

Where To Find Oarfish:

The oarfish is in the southeast corner of the map, in the Gale Cliffs area. This fish is very hard to find, though you may find it beneath a waterfall in the region’s far southeast area.

You can try to catch an oarfish at a spot after you pass through the waterfall. For this fish, you’ll need to have an Abyssal fishing rod.

Where You Can Find A Gulper Eel:

For the Gulper Eel, you’ll need to go to the Stellar Basin in the southwest. This is an area where a large creature that lives in the middle of the small islands attacks.

You should stay away from this area. Instead, go to the northeast, near the Research Outpost, where a Gulper Eel should spawn near the trench that leads to the center. To catch a gulper eel, you’ll need a Hadal fishing rod.

Where To Catch A Goliath Triggerfish:

The Goliath Triggerfish lives in the Twisted Strand, which is in the northwest part of Dredge. In this area, there are many turns and bends. Your goal is to get to the northern part, where you’ll find a small, cane-like area where the Goliath Triggerfish spawn. To catch this fish, you will need a rod made of mangrove.

Where T  o Find Coelacanth:

When looking for the coelacanth, you should go to the Devil’s Spine in the northeast of the map. Unfortunately, you will need explosives to break through a rock wall to get to the spot where you’re able to fish for the coelacanth.

To catch an abyssal fish, you must have a rod that can also be used to catch oarfish.


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